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Smartphones positioned to aid home, vehicle security

One of the most promising aspects of M2M technology is the potential to bridge the gap between disparate devices and create more unified networks for consumers and businesses alike. There are untold possibilities for this technology and new applications seem to emerge every day. For instance, a recent report out of Sweden points to the ways in which smartphone users could leverage their mobile devices to keep their most prized possessions safe. Berg Insight reported that alarm systems and vehicle tracking applications have helped spur the market for wireless M2M modules in European nations.

According to the research firm, shipments of security-based M2M modules within the European Union will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 31.3% through 2018, when it will reach 18.7 million units. Meanwhile, shipments of wireless alarm systems in this region are predicted to hit the 29,000,000 mark within that same timeframe. Researchers stated that the ability to use M2M technology to improve the security of luxury automobiles, houses and small businesses has helped to drive interest in this market. For example, some European nations have required luxury car owners to install some kind of tracking device in their vehicles so they can be retrieved in the event of theft.

Given the value of these automobiles, using M2M-enabled machinery to monitor their location at all times makes sense for police departments that have struggled to make headway on automotive theft cases. These crimes are not always isolated incidents and may be the work of a coordinated circle of professional thieves. The Jerusalem Post, for instance, recently reported on an uncovered smuggling ring that trafficked stolen luxury automobiles from European countries to Israel. According to the news source, Israeli authorities have arrested 20 suspects tied to the case. The orchestrated criminal group is believed to be responsible for the theft of at least 10 vehicles, ranging from BMW to Mercedes-Benz models.

M2M supports home security systems
Berg Insight also highlighted the potential for M2M technology in the home security alarm system market. The research firm forecasted that 5.7 million alarm systems in Europe will be connected to cellular networks by 2018. Researchers noted that most of the initial applications will be for self-monitoring services that do not involve a professional third party. By using M2M to link their home security systems with their smartphones, home owners will be able to monitor these networks from any location. As M2M technology matures, more industries will find new ways to improve their networks by linking disparate devices.


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