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Telecommunication Software News: Big data analysis, spectrum monitoring, testing tool

Carrier IQ recently released a big data analytics tool tailored specifically to meet the needs of mobile network operators. The IQ XPlore SmartStart platform is designed to allow service providers to gain an improved understanding of customer experiences and provide insight on ways to enhance client interactions.

The solution utilizes Carrier iQ’s Mobile Service Intelligence Platform to gather information and gain insights pertaining to consumer Wi-Fi usage, roaming costs and a company’s application portfolio. The system can also help administrators discover strategies for bettering mobile network coverage and performance and how to best provision network investments.

Northrop Grumman to enable spectrum monitoring for Inmarsat customers

Earlier this month, global mobile satellite communications provider Inmarsat announced a partnership with Northrop Grumman to launch its Spectrum Interference and Monitoring System. SIMS is geared towards government clients that utilize Inmarsat’s Global Xpress service, and can enhance the speed, flexibility and monitoring performance of the platform. The solution provides an user interface to display graphical reporting for oversight of network operations. The solution was based on a Northrop Grumman monitoring system previously established for the Department of Defense’s Wideband Global System that is currently implemented worldwide.

“SIMS is the advanced tool needed for spectrum situational awareness, rapid interference detection and problem resolution, ensuring optimal availability, reliability and quality of service to Global Xpress users,” Inmarsat stated.

GL’s improved PacketExpert tool
GL Communications recently made an improved version of its PacketExpert tool available for clients, a solution for Ethernet and IP testing using the company’s WireSpeed Ethernet Packet Capture and Playback application. The technology is a USB-based testing system featuring four electrical and two optical ports for independent Ethernet/VLAN/MPLS/IP/UDP testing. PacketExpert has a number of telecommunications applications, including BERT, RFC 2544, IP Link Simulation and Loopback. The software also enables users to utilize Wirespeed to filter packets from different ports and aggregate them as a single stream while saving them to a disc for offline analysis.

Network virtualization, software-defined networking trial

NEC, NetCracker Technology and Leap Wireless’ Cricket Communications operations teamed up recently on a network virtualization trial based on software-defined networking and network functions virtualization systems. The trial will focus on virtualizing the evolved packet core network using SDN and SFV technologies to combine the IP edge components into a singular, virtual infrastructure. The organizational collaboration aims to illustrate the ability to establish mobile virtual network functions on different service provider hardware platforms.

Software integration for ‘4G’ business mobility
Tango Networks recently announced the integration of its Business Mobility solutions with Mavenir’s 4G IMS Mobile Core. The system enables mobile operators to deploy cloud-base business mobility services and on-premise solutions through a secure connection to the vendor’s IMS network. The platform can be used to support enterprise unified communications, VoLTE devices, as well as PBX and recording systems.


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