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T-Mobile US rolls out international M2M product

T-Mobile US expanded its international offering with a new SIM card product targeting the machine-to-machine space. The carrier said the product will eliminate roaming costs for M2M products in the United States and Canada.

T-Mobile noted the product includes both a physical SIM card that can be inserted into any standard SIM-card slot or a product that can be built into a connected products. The carrier added that the product ships fully configured out-of-the-box for use with multiple international carriers. Currently international operations are limited to Canada and the United States, with plans to announce support in additional markets throughout the year.

“The ‘Internet of things’ knows no boundaries … or at least it shouldn’t have to,” explained Rusty Lhamon, director of M2M at T-Mobile US in a statement. “This unique approach to cross-border wireless communication is designed to eliminate the issue of permanent M2M roaming and makes connectivity seamless and simple.”

The offering builds upon T-Mobile US late last year rolling out international services for its Simple Choice plans. That program provides for access to unlimited 2G data and messaging services in more than 100 countries at no extra charge. The offering also included reduced calling rates, which is not something traditionally needed for M2M products.

Those looking for true 3G speeds are able to purchase “speed packs” providing 100 megabytes per day for $15 or 500 MB over two weeks for $50. LTE roaming is still not in the picture. T-Mobile US also limits the duration of the data offer, noting data roaming sessions are limited to six weeks and that half of a customer’s total data usage over a three-month period must come from the carrier’s domestic network.

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