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VMware, F5 work to enhance virtualization, software-defined enterprise networks

VMware recently announced a partnership with F5 to boost end-user products for desktop virtualization infrastructure. According to the company, its End-User Computing technologies in combination with F5’s Software Defined Application Services, can be leveraged by clients looking for easier access to applications.

F5 recently released a virtual edition of BIG-IP Access Policy Manager, which was specifically designed to be utilized within VMware’s Horizon view environments. Users can choose from options in both solutions, allowing them to tailor the offerings to meet their specific needs.

With this change, VMware is also now offering further access to APIs and remote access protocol extensions, which will provide a gateway for F5 to expand its existing solutions and enable more control over environments in Horizon View.

When deployed in conjunction with one another, the solutions are said to provide a number of benefits to clients, including cost reduction and flexibility. Additionally, clients can take advantage of the increased management and control capabilities that these products offer together.

Sean Graham, Kettering Health Network architect, noted that the systems, along with vendor advice and guidance, can enable an organization to optimize and expand functionality as well as reduce the complexity of deployments.

VMware improves partner program

VMware also recently announced several enhancements to its partner program, which it predicts will attract a number of new investors. The enhancements were made to provide better consistency, predictability and larger revenue streams for solution provider, service provider and distribution partners.

One such change is designed to provide greater flexibility in that when organizations join the partner network they will not have to specify a chosen program. This will take effect in May, and allow partners to get a more thorough experience of VMware’s offerings before joining a certain program. In the same vein, the company also introduced an Enrolled tier option, in which partners are trained on solutions and can identify their preferred program depending on their unique goals.

VMware also announced several competency changes that will enable partners to tailor their strategies using the company’s solutions. The organization’s Infrastructure Virtualization Competency will shift to become the Server Virtualization Competency, and the Cloud IaaS Competency will be the Management Automation Competency. Additionally, the Management Competency will become the Management Operations Competency.


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