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Device Update: Nexus 5, SmartWatch 2, Windows update

New Nexus
Google is expected to launch its new Nexus smartphone today. Pictures and videos have started to leak, and the rumor mill has dubbed the new device the Nexus 5. The smartphone is expected to debut Google’s newest version of Android, Android 4.4 (KitKat). It is also expected to offer LTE connectivity, something the Nexus 4 does not have. Like the Nexus 4, the new Nexus will almost certainly be sold directly to consumers as an unlocked device, bypassing carriers.

Windows Phones to get updates the Apple way
Microsoft is also bypassing the carriers with its latest update to its Windows mobile operating system. It’s pushing the update directly to developers so that they can start creating new apps. This is similar to the way Apple and Google share their new software updates, offering them online to users instead of going through carriers. But since Microsoft does not have a major online presence like iTunes or Google Play, the public rollout of the Windows update will probably involve carriers.

The updated Windows operating system will add a third row of live tiles to the home screen, and is reportedly designed to take advantage of new, larger smartphone screens.

Sony SmartWatch 2
Sony says the average smartphone user reaches for his/her device more than 100 times a day, and could spend less time doing that by using smart watch. The consumer electronics giant is launching the Sony Smart Watch 2 today, a water-resistant successor to its first Android smart watch, which Sony says has generated more than a million app downloads. The Smart Watch 2 uses NFC to connect to Android smartphones, enabling users to check email and social media from the watch. Sony says users can even like or re-tweet posts from the Smart Watch 2.

Samsung throws a curve
Samsung has brought its experience with OLED TV sets into the smartphone arena, launching a new Galaxy with a curved screen. The Galaxy Round has the same size display as the Note 3 (5.7-inch), but the screen curves slightly at the edges. Why? The answer may have to do with conserving battery life. Samsung says the Galaxy Round screen will be able to display missed calls, date, time and battery life even when the phone is turned off. The Galaxy Round is launching in Samsung’s home market, South Korea, and may soon be joined by a curved-screen competitor from LG. Read more here.

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