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Verizon Wireless closes on trio of 700 MHz spectrum deals

Verizon Wireless said it completed the sale of three previously announced spectrum deals involving A- and B-Block licenses in the 700 MHz band. The deals included licenses sold to Nortex Communications, Panhandle Telecommunication Systems and Colorado Valley Communications.

The deal with Texas-based Nortex, which was announced last November, included the Texas RAS 6-Jack B-Block license covering four counties northwest of Dallas. The deal with Oklahoma-based Panhandle was also announced last November, included the Texas RSA 2-Hansford B-Block license covering 12 counties in northwest Texas. And the sale to Colorado Valley included a portioned A-Block license covering five counties near Houston. All the licenses included 12 megahertz of spectrum.

The Federal Communications Commission late last week announced an extension on build out requirements for lower 700 MHz A-Block licenses from June 13 of this year until Dec. 13. The build out requirement calls for license holders to provide coverage to at least 35% of the licensed by that date. A number of carriers had asked for the extension due to difficulties in garnering access to equipment compatible with that spectrum band.

This difficulty was tied to concerns raised by some lower C- and B-Block license holders that television broadcasters adjacent to the A-Block would cause interference and should not be combined with the other blocks into a single band class. A-Block supporters claim that interference concern is overblown.

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