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Now hiring in Brazil: ICT job opportunities

Brazil has a huge shortage of information and communications technology (ICT) professionals. There are many reasons for the shortage including: universities graduating fewer people than enterprises need; professionals migrating from the telecom industry to the construction sector when it was booming; a lack of skills; and a pay gap between actual company wages and expectations of potential employees.

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No matter the reason, the current situation has meant that several companies have had positions open for years. There are jobs for ICT professionals in Brazil, and RCR Wireless News has gathered a list of some of the companies that are hiring.

Below are a some of the available opportunities:


  • About 500 jobs are open nationwide, with opportunities for different profiles and levels.
  • Open positions include CA experts (English required);Cisco and Citrix specialists (English required); infrastructure operators focused on monitoring (English required); systems analysts for .NET and Java; .NET programmers; infrastructure analysts (Unix, Linux, Cisco); SAP professionals; infrastructure technicians and service desk assistants.

NTT Data

  • Nearly 90 jobs are available in the cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba for trainees, analysts, consultants, senior consultants and managers.
  • Open positions are available in business intelligence, Siebel, mainframe, Oracle forms and reports, infrastructure, tests, SAP and project management office.


  • More than 40 jobs are available; most of them focused on technical positions in IT and telecommunications.
  • Open positions include network analyst; solutions architect; and IT analyst focused on information security, among others.


  • The company has 230 open jobs, of which 100 are in São Paulo, 80 in Curitiba and 50 in Rio de Janeiro and the northeast states.
  • Open positions range from junior to senior levels; candidates are required to have experience in analyzing and developing .NET and Java.

GlobalWeb Corp

  • Open positions include Oracle programmer analyst; Net/SharePoint developer; procurement consultant; account managers; senior database administrator; system analysts; metrics and processes analyst; solutions architect; support analyst; system support analyst; pre-sales consultant; and programmer analyst.
  • Jobs are located in the states of São Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro.


  • The company has several open positions in several country states.
  • Open positions include Java applications system analyst; SAP consultants; Abap consultant; Basis consultant; quality assurance analyst; Java programmer; VB Net programmer analyst; VBA programmer analyst; project manager; business analyst; software developer; C++ programmer analyst, ETL consultant analyst; MasterSAF consultant; BO consultant; senior system analyst and senior system developer.


  • There are 40 available jobs.
  • About half of the open positions are for allocating professionals and the other half are for internal Synapsis workers. Developers were also identified as must-have professionals.


  • The company has 26 opportunities.
  • Open positions range from interns to senior levels, including analyst developer; Java and test analysts.

Cinco TI
The company has open positions for software interns.


  • There are ten open positions currently, and the company expects to open ten more during the second half of 2013.
  • Open positions include account manager; monitoring analyst; incident and request analyst; and interns for HR and marketing.

The company has open positions for a fiscal consultant; technical support specialist; support analyst and programmer.

Note: This story is part of an RCR Wireless News series on the Brazilian labor market.


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