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Microsoft to invest $98 million in Brazil

The software giant Microsoft announced it will invest U.S.$98.24 million (R$200 million) focused on research, development and innovation in Brazil. The company said it will boost national competitiveness, while unveiling a series of planned initiatives to establish an advanced technology laboratory (ATL) located in Rio de Janeiro.

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The ATL in Brazil will be the fourth in the world and combine local capacity for technological innovation and advanced engineering with applied research expertise from Microsoft and its partners.

The new lab will be responsible for developing innovative technologies that bring tangible benefits to users in a short span of time, principally for Brazilians but not limited to them. The focus will be on information retrieval and data analysis to develop technologies that improve users search experience in Brazil.

In addition, Microsoft announced the creation of an investment company in Brazil, as well as a foundation focused on helping emerging, technology-based companies (start ups). The company also announced the opening of a development center focused on Microsoft search platform Bing. All these projects will be hosted at the historic Barão de Maúa building in Rio de Janeiro, and Microsoft has committed to work on revitalizing the building.

Citing Brasil TI Maior (IT Major in English), Microsoft Brasil president, Michel Levy, said the initiatives aligned with the Brazilian government’s efforts to stimulate national development and generate opportunities within the information technology field.

A strategic program for software and IT services, TI Maior was launched by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) with the objective of encouraging competition in the industry. (Read the whole plan here—in Portuguese). It is a vast investment program totaling U.S.$247.65 million (R$500 million) from 2012-2015, aiming to improve and increase software development, boosting both the software and IT service industries in Brazil.

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