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PCIA 2012: TE powers up new DAS antennas

TE Connectivity unveiled new distributed antenna systems at the PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show this week that include increased power designed to lower the needed number of antennas.

Increased power in the remote antenna units means few antennas are needed for deployment, and the RAUs can also support higher-capacity needs for next-generation services, according to John Spindler, TE Connectivity’s director of product management for in-building DAS.

TE Connectivity claims the new RAUs deliver up to six-times more power than its current indoor RAUs, depending on the spectrum bands utilized. TE estimates that the new RAU series will save customers up to 50% on total solution cost. The equipment can be mixed with current TE products in venues where the extra antenna power is needed in some locations but not others.

The goal of TE’s architecture is to get the last amplifier as close to end users as possible. However, in venues with elevated ceilings or hard, plaster-type ceilings where maintenance would be an issue, the additional power in the RAUs offers a distinct advantage, according to Spindler.

Spindler emphasized the additional flexibility that the new products offer for DAS deployment. Although equipment is often installed in ceilings or on walls, TE also offers a closet option.

The new power levels also will help customers handle greater capacity demands, Spindler added.

“Capacity demands are going to get greater, not less. It’s just the way of the world,” said Spindler. “So if you put in the high power remotes, you can more easily handle the needs for more capacity downstream.”

TE has been showcasing its new products at the Small Cell Pavilion at PCIA and participating in LTE and DAS and heterogeneous networks-related panels and discussions during the conference.

“Greater flexibility and lower costs are the key benefits our customers will gain from these new higher power RAUs,” said Alan Clarke, president of network solutions for TE Connectivity.

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Kelly Hill
Kelly Hill
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