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Feature Report: Time to improve, expand wireless infrastructure in LatAm

Even as LTE deployments begin in earnest, Latin American and Caribbean wireless carriers continue to focus investments on the expansion and improvement of 3G networks. Wi-Fi, femtocells, microwaves and towers are expected to receive the largest share of telecom operators’ investment and effort.

Carriers’ 3G networks have a lot more room to grow. Although mobile penetration in Latin America has surpassed 100%, the vast majorityof mobile connections (81%) are prepaid and 2G (GSM with 81% of total connections and CDMA with 2%). As smartphone prices continue to drop, the number of 3G users is expected to increase.

To better understand the wireless infrastructure challenges in Latin America, download RCR Wireless News’ latest feature report: Mobile broadband rush propels Latin American infrastructure market. Based on interviews with carriers, vendors and analysts, the in-depth report describes the current scene and the future steps for improving and expanding wireless infrastructure throughout the region.

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