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AT&T Mobility to rollout Mobile Share plans Aug. 23

AT&T Mobility said it will begin offering its Mobile Share plans beginning Aug. 23. The carrier had originally announced the offerings last month with a late-August launch timeframe.

The plans will include a bucket of data that is to be shared across multiple devices, along with unlimited voice and messaging. The plans are similar to the family data share plans introduced by Verizon Wireless in late June, though AT&T Mobility noted that the new offerings will be merely an option for new customers, and not a requirement.

The AT&T Mobility plans require customers to have at least one smartphone on the plan. Data bucket pricing is staggered at $40 for 1 gigabyte; $70 for 4 GB; $90 for 6 GB; $120 for 10 GB; $160 for 15 GB; and $200 for 20 GB. Adding a required smartphone runs $45 per device on the 1 GB plan; $40 on the 4 GB plan; $35 on the 6 GB plan; and $30 on the remaining plans. “Basic” and “messaging” devices, or those that are not considered smartphones, runs $30 per device; laptops, mobile hotspots and wireless modems run $20 per device; and tablets and gaming devices run $10 per device.

AT&T Mobility also includes free access to its more than 30,000 Wi-Fi locations with the plans.

Financial analysts have noted that the offerings could have an accretive impact on average revenue per user, though customer confusion over the device and buckets of data on a plan could cause confusion for some users.

AT&T Mobility’s explanation of Mobile Share plans

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