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Sprint Nextel launches open software platform for desktop developers

Sprint Nextel Corp. continued to woo desktop developers with the launch of an open software platform in advance of its annual Application Developer Conference later this week.
The platform promises to help computer developers bring their wares to wireless using the same codes, tools and resources used in developing desktop applications. The open, standards-based offering will be deployed initially with the Sprint Titan platform for Windows Mobile devices; Titan development resources are available here.
Sprint said the platform supports existing MIDP Java ME apps, adding the CDC/Foundation Java Virtual Machine and OSGi framework to support high-capability applications. Support for the widget app model offers the ability to develop rich Web applications that leverage the functionality of mobile phones, according to the carrier, allowing developers to move Eclipse-based or Web apps from the desktop to Sprint handsets.
The effort builds on a campaign to tout desktop developers that was renewed in May. Developers have become a precious commodity in the last year as smartphone platforms expand beyond business users into the mainstream.
“We are presenting a way to unify the desktop and mobile developer communities to accelerate the delivery of innovative services to our customers,” said Len Barlik, VP of wireless and wireline services.


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