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By the Numbers: Top 10 Most Popular U.S. Handsets in October

Editor’s Note: The following lists ranks the 10 most popular handsets in the United States for the month of October. Rankings were provided by AvianResearch L.L.C.

The firm derives its ranking via its Monthly Retail Store Survey, which is based on responses from 100 service representatives and store managers at retail stores of the four major U.S. wireless carriers (AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel Corp. and T-Mobile USA Inc.). The survey is designed to be reflective of the U.S. wireless market from both a carrier market share and geographic standpoint. Collectively, AvianResearch said the four largest carriers represent 85% of the U.S. wireless market on a subscriber basis.

For the purposes of this list, RCR Wireless News has added carrier information beyond the four largest carriers surveyed by Avian.

Research In Motion Ltd. has held the top spot on the ranking for five straight months, with the BlackBerry Pearl topping the list in April, and the Blackberry Curve dominating the list from May through October.

Although most of October’s top 10 phones were present on the list last month, the HTC Corp. G1, the LG Electronics Co. Ltd. Env2 and the HTC Diamond made their first appearances this month.

Meanwhile, the LG Rumor, Palm Inc. Centro and Nokia Corp. 5310 have dropped off the list from last month.

This list differs from one recently provided by NPD Group due to different tabulation methods.

Top 10 Most Popular Handsets in October
September Rank
Available At
1. RIM Blackberry Curve
AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, others
2. Apple iPhone
AT&T Mobility
3. LG Dare
Verizon Wireless
4. Samsung Instinct
Sprint Nextel
5. LG Voyager
Verizon Wireless
6. RIM Blackberry Pearl
AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile, others
7. HTC G1
Not ranked
8. LG Env2
Not ranked
Verizon Wireless
9. LG Shine
AT&T Mobility
10. HTC Diamond
Not ranked
Alltel, Sprint Nextel, others
Source: Rankings provided by AvianResearch L.L.C.


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