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Stereo Bluetooth headsets to languish behind mono versions

Consumers have embraced Bluetooth-enabled mono headsets for mobile phones, but getting them to accept stereo Bluetooth headsets is another story.
A new study from IMS Research predicts sales of mono Bluetooth headsets will increase by 10 to 20 million per year and could quickly reach 100 million annually. The primary driver of the market is hands-free mobile-phone use while driving, said the firm.
However, the market for stereo headsets will struggle to achieve even one-tenth of the mono market, said IMS.
“Many potential buyers are happy enough with their wired headsets to listen to their iPod or another personal media player,” said Filomena Berardi of IMS Research. “The cellphone is still not the preferred way to listen to music. And Apple, the brand leader, has not enabled Bluetooth on either the iPod or the iPhone.”


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