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Hispanic teens set for strong mobile growth

Hispanic teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 represent a significant market segment for the U.S. wireless industry.
A new report from MultiMedia Intelligence estimates the segment includes about 2.5 million subscribers and is expected to grow at rate of two-to-three-times that of the overall U.S. teen market during the next five years, said the firm.
“Teens overall are a critical wireless market segment, as initial subscriber and handset relationships can establish life-long purchasing patterns,” said MultiMedia Intelligence. “Within the teen segment, Hispanic teens have unique wireless usage characteristics.”
The report finds the Hispanic teen market represents 16% of the overall U.S. teen market. Wireless penetration is 64% of Hispanic teems by the age of 15 and 78% by the age of 17. Hispanic teens are more likely than other teenagers to use advanced functions, but they are less likely to use their camera phone, said the report.


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