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CallWave offers PC-based visual voicemail

Steve Jobs isn’t the only one vying for improvements to the audio-based voicemail systems we’ve all come to know so well. CallWave Inc. announced it developed a free, PC-based visual voicemail system.
The program sounds strikingly similar to the application Jobs touted last week at the Macworld Conference and Expo when he introduced the company’s iPhone, but it runs free from any specific device or carrier. CallWave said the service will be available to all mobile phone users with access to a personal computer.
The CallWave Mobile visual voicemail service sends a copy of mobile voicemail messages to users’ e-mail addresses, and enables users to “sort and prioritize, and listen and respond to messages all from their e-mail inbox.” Users will be notified of voicemail messages via text messages sent to their handsets, messages that will include caller names and message lengths. CallWave Mobile will automatically create a PC-based contact list for users, and pointed out that no software is required for the application to work on a PC or handset.
“While the mobile phone is one of the most relied up on devices on the market, it’s often time consuming and cumbersome to wade through voicemails. With CallWave Mobile, it’s possible to see your voicemail, choosing to listen and respond to key voicemails with just a few clicks. More than convenient, this service reinvents how people feel about their phone, contacts and voicemail,” said David Hofstatter, chief executive officer of CallWave.


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