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Consumers express interest in wireless home monitoring

A survey released last week further highlighted the growing field of Americans who would like to wirelessly monitor their home from afar. Z-Wave Alliance surveyed 1,000 people and found that 72 percent could quickly realize benefits such as energy conservation, increased safety and enhanced comfort and convenience from such a program.
The report also found that respondents spend at least 24 hours every year turning off appliances and shutting down their homes before bed. Nearly 40 percent of respondents admitted to occasionally wondering if they left an appliance on or a door unlocked and more than half would enjoy more relaxing vacations if they were able to control their lights, alarm systems or appliances from anywhere in the world.
“We’re still in the very early stage of wireless home control and there is a growing desire for Americans to be able to monitor and control their home remotely,” said Mike Einstein, marketing chair for the Z-Wave Alliance. “The biggest benefits for consumers are convenience and increased security,” he said.


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