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Sununu tackles broadcast flag

WASHINGTON-Sen. John Sununu (R-N.H.) said he is drafting legislation to prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from forcing technology standards on the communications industry.
“The FCC seems to be under the belief that it should occasionally impose technology mandates. These misguided requirements distort the marketplace by forcing industry to adopt agency-blessed solutions rather than allow innovative and competitive approaches to develop,” said Sununu, a member of the Senate Commerce Committee and the Senate Republican High Tech Task Force.
Sununu cited as an example the video flag, a mechanism that can be imbedded in digital broadcast signals to prevent copyright infringement. The New Hampshire Republican noted that interest groups are now pushing for an audio flag mandate as well.
“Whether well-intentioned or not, the FCC has no business interfering in private industry to satisfy select special interests or to impose its own views,” Sununu said. My legislation will ensure that decisions about the design and development of products and services to meet FCC rules are made by technology experts, not government regulators.”
An FCC spokesman does the agency does not comment on pending legislation.


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