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Cellphones to get smaller USB ports

The USB Implementers Forum has announced the completion of the Micro-USB specification, a new and improved technology expected to replace many of the Mini-series plugs and receivers currently used in mobile phones and other wireless devices. The specification was developed with the shrinking and slimming of portable devices in mind and is expected to help drive the continued adoption of USB in mobile phones.
USB ports are used to synch phones with computers, and also to charge cellphone batteries.
“As portable devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and digital cameras get smaller and more compact, manufacturers recognized the need for a new USB connector specification to suit the design of these new products,” said Jeff Ravencraft, chairman and president of the USB-IF. “USB-IF developed the Micro-USB specification to adapt to sleek new design needs.”
The new specification supports the USB On-The-Go supplement, which was developed to fill the growing need for portable devices to communicate directly with each other. The Micro-series will feature a stainless steel shell and a latching mechanism designed to yield more than 10,000 insertion cycles for longer life and durability.


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