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Pulselink says signaling protocol can resolve UWB differences

SAN DIEGO-Ultra-wideband technology player PulseLink has pitched what it calls a common signaling protocol to resolve the snafu between competing wireless groups.

The groups, one led by Intel Corp. and the other by Motorola, insist their solutions will work for industry and have scheduled the rollout of the products. Intel has expressed doubts over whether a common signaling approach will work.

PulseLink, whose solution was announced last September, is presenting it at the International Telecommunication Union in June.

Meanwhile, Intel said it has unveiled what it describes as the first UWB transmitter operating at up to 480 Megabits per second with full clock-rate baseband processing.

The company said the product fulfils the “promise of high data rates for high-speed WPAN (wireless personal area networks) solutions for the digital home and office, bringing new users and applications into the marketplace,’ said the company.

Motorola espouses the direct sequence approach, while Intel and the majority of players support the multiband approach.


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