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FCC approves EV-DO phone from LG

BEDMINSTER, N.J.-It appears Verizon Wireless will sell a CDMA EV-DO mobile phone from LG Electronics Co. Ltd. when it launches its high-speed network this summer.

The Federal Communications Commission recently approved the VX8000 EV-DO mobile phone from LG. The phone features Qualcomm Inc.’s MSM6500 CDMA EV-DO chipset and a 1.3 megapixel camera, and support for video, 3D graphics and voice dialing. LG did not immediately return requests for comment on the device, and a Verizon spokeswoman said the carrier had no comment on the phone.

The FCC approves all radio devices sold in the United States. The nation’s other major CDMA carrier, Sprint PCS, has said it plans to skip the EV-DO network technology and go straight to the next upgrade, EV-DV. However, not all of the devices the FCC approves are actually sold in the United States.

Verizon recently announced it plans to launch a nationwide EV-DO network following successful trials of the technology in San Diego and Washington. The carrier said it would offer both PC cards and mobile phones for the nationwide network, dubbed BroadbandAccess.

LG has emerged as one of Verizon’s most popular handset suppliers. The company offers several phones through Verizon, including the carrier’s first camera phone. LG, a staunch supporter of CDMA technology, currently offers several EV-DO phones in South Korea.


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