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Cell phones make people feel safer

DALLAS—Most consumers feel safe just owning a cellular phone, according to a recent WebViews survey conducted by Cellular One.

In fact, when asked “Does having a cell phone make you feel safer?” 92 percent of the 1,199 respondents answered yes. Those who answered yes elaborated on what made them feel safe: 53 percent specified the ability to contact family, friends and co-workers; 21 percent said immediate access to emergency services; 14 percent said just the sense of being connected to familiar people and things; 5 percent commented on the ability to call roadside assistance; and 2 percent, the ability to obtain directions.

“In these turbulent times, it is interesting that consumers draw a greater sense of safety from the ability to call family and friends than to contact emergency services or roadside assistance,” explained Richard J. Lyons, president of Cellular One Group. “The desire to hear a familiar voice at a moment’s notice appears to have a greater priority in our lives today than the need to call immediately for an ambulance, a fire engine, a tow truck or even a squad car.”


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