WASHINGTON-The Federal Communications Commission has clarified that paging carriers cannot use Form 900 when renewing their licenses electronically via the Universal Licensing System. Part 22 paging licensees must use Form 601 for ULS filings.

The FCC began accepting Part 22 paging renewal applications on ULS on June 1. Form 900 was developed by the FCC last year as an interim measure but this form does not work on ULS. Part 22 paging renewal applications that already have been filed using Form 900 will be processed and licensees will not be required to refile.

Other wireless services which have not been converted to ULS can still file Form 900 until their service is converted to ULS.

The FCC is encouraging paging applicants and licensees to use ULS for paging-related applications, amendments, modifications and requests for special temporary authority..

The conversion to ULS does not change existing restrictions on filing of initial paging applications in anticipation of the upcoming Part 22 paging channel auction. Applications that fail to comply with these restrictions will be dismissed.

ULS consolidates various forms used for wireless applications, and allows for automated checking of applications and enhanced electronic access to licensing information.

The FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau currently has 11 different licensing systems that process application requests and issue authorizations.

Applicants using ULS access a wide area network to process information. When an applicant submits its application online, ULS will assign a file number and will print a form that must be sent with the correct payment to Mellon Bank within five business days.

In the near future, ULS will be capable of accepting credit-card payments online, according to the commission.


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