Interlink Electronics

Freedom Writer OEM, the first application using Interlink Electronics Inc.’s new medium-range wireless communications technology, RemoteLink, is set to be introduced this month at InfoComm International, said Interlink. The pen-capable wireless remote control is a multibutton, original-equipment-manufacturer remote designed for makers of interactive presentation systems. RemotLink technology utilizes a patent-pending optical carrier in conjunction with radio-frequency modulation to eliminate the shortfalls of infrared and the expense of RF links. Possible future market opportunities for the technology include use in home Internet-access boxes where cable companies are preparing to offer TV Internet services to an estimated 75 million households, said InterLink. (805) 484-8855.


Comsat Laboratories introduced equipment to make it even easier for carriers, multinational corporations and Internet service providers to extend advanced data communications networks to virtually anywhere in the world via satellite and other wireless systems, said the company. Previously only supporting Asynchronous Transfer Mode applications, Link Accelerator (CLA-2000) equipment now supports frame relay and Internet Protocol applications, as well, at rates up to 3 megabits per second. CLA-2000 incorporates forward error-correction techniques and data compression at rates up to 2: 1. The new products were developed using the same core technologies that were used in the ATM Link Accelerator (ALA-2000). (301) 428-4010.

World Access

The Wireless Division of World Access Inc. introduced the WavePlex Lite, a 38 GHz point-to-point microwave radio that delivers singl T1/E1 access to support voice, data and video communications. WavePlex Lite offers a low-cost connectivity solution for short-haul wireless and personal communications services applications in the millimeter wave range. Features include an integrated antenna design; an embedded network manager; configurable frequency, output power and line coe; a wide tuning range and wide dynamic range receiver; and high system gain. WavePlex Lite installs using a VT-100 software interface without requiring special software. The radio consists of a single-rack unit indoor module and an outdoor radio-frequency unit that supports antennas from 1 foot to 4 feet in diameter and mounts directly to a pole up to 5.5 inches in diameter. WavePlex Lite’s direct-mounting antenna interface eliminates the need for a feeder between the outdoor unit and the antenna. Advanced software-controlled diagnostics allow isolation of system faults, remote configuration and status monitoring. (978) 694-3000.

Galaxy Engineering Services, a division of World Access Inc., released VQUAL 2.0, a proprietary voice-quality assessment service for wireless service providers. VQUAL is a component of the company’s network performance benchmarking service, called Competitive Positioning Analysis. VQUAL provides objective measurements of speech quality for both the uplink and downlink of the voice path. The tool measures voice quality according to how humans perceive sound, testing voice phrases with software models. VQUAL also can compare voice quality between different systems and technologies, said the company. (770) 751-8331.

Summit Manufacturing

A new modular “clamp-on” platform for collocation recently was introduced by Summit Manufacturing Inc. that is adaptable to any manufacturers’ poles, whether they are multisided or round, steel, concrete or wood. Available in 10-foot, 14-foot and 16-foot sizes, the platform can be field modified via bolts only, from low-profile without handrail to one with inside and outside handrails, or outside handrails only. The platform also serves as a workspace for technicians allowing them to adjust the communications antennas or any other receiving or transmitting devices. Antenna mounts are fully adjustable and can be added, deleted or relocated at any time with an adjustable wrench. (717) 454-8730.


L.M. Ericsson introduced point-of-sale modular merchandising displays for its mobile phones, which are designed increase retail brand presence and to offer retailers maximum flexibility, said the company. The interchangeable components of the single phone holder allow it to be mounted on a countertop, a slat wall or on the Ericsson floor display. Most displays can hold any Ericsson phone and can be fitted with clip-on panel descriptions of each product. Two photographic murals also are available for the slat-wall display, one depicting lifestyle and the other depicting accessories. Ericsson also introduced new merchandising aides, including an accessory/flip display unit that can accommodate six hanging accessories and six packets of custom flips, 4-foot by 8-foot slat-wall displays with room for six phones, single and two-phone oval display, a hands-free car kit dashboard units, floor and countertop literature spinners and inflatable balloon phones in 3-foot, 8-foot and 20-foot sizes. (800) 431-2345.


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