Euristix Ltd. and Tellabs are working together to develop Tellabs’ Titan 550 Element Management System using the Euristix Raceman EMSX platform development toolkit based on Windows NT. The companies said the 5500 EMS increases operational efficiency and through a variety of northbound interfaces will make it easier for operators to integrate 5500 network elements into the management network.

Delegates from Argentina’s national communications commission, CNC, visited the United States last week to present terms of Argentina’s upcoming tender for a personal communications services license, reported the Commerce Department’s telecom division. The visit was intended to familiarize CNC officials with American firms and technology and how the Federal Communications Commission has awarded PCS licenses. Firms interested in the license can pay $25,000 for bidding specifications.

Bell Atlantic Corp.’s Mexican wireless company, Iusacell, unveiled a new logo and brand image for the company. The logo is oval with the name Iusacell underlined in large white block letters. The oval sits slightly off horizontal and has a black or red background, said the company. The company said the logo and image are part of a plan to refocus its energies on customers.

Costa Rica’s largest paging provider, Radiomensajes, has just grown bigger. The paging provider has ordered Glenayre Technologies Inc. high-speed paging infrastructure for a new 900 MHz nationwide network from Glenayre’s Wireless Messaging Group. When completed, the new network will connect Radiomensajes, and Costa Rica with it, to the Central-American Paging Network, which in turn is part of the Pan-American or Multinational Paging Network. With the addition of Radiomensajes, the network, developed by PageMart Wireless Inc., will cover 90 percent of the potential market in Latin America, including providers in Guatemala, El Salvador and Panama.

Motorola Inc.’s Cellular Infrastructure Group introduced and demonstrated a network evaluation and planning tool designed to help wireless operators maximize the efficiency of their Intelligent Networks. The Nadine fx Designer, short for Network Assistant Designer for Intelligent Network Evaluation, was unveiled at the Second Annual CDMA World Congress in Singapore. The product models the operation of a network and generates loading and capacity reports that summarize key network parameters, said the company.

Telecel International Ltd. said it already is at work repairing and improving Congo’s phone system now that the civil war there is over. Telecel has been operating in Congo (formerly Zaire) continuously for more than 10 years and has built wireless phone systems in the cities of Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Goma, Bukavu and Mbuji-Mayi.


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