Noise/Com Inc. introduced its BS-800 Dual Interference Signal Generators to aid in interference testing of Code Division Multiple Access and Time Division Multiple Access base stations. The products include two synthesized CW signal generators and all necessary radio-frequency components including attenuators and switches, to perform integrated testing of CDMA and TDMA. (201) 261-8797.

IFR Systems Inc. introduced its AN1800 Series spectrum analyzers, which will be commercially available in July. The new analyzers replace the company’s AN900 Series spectrum analyzers. The analyzers are used in wireless communications to test and verify a range of radio-frequency standards including electromagnetic interference. The AN1800 Series allows off-the-air wireless performance testing without the use of external amplifiers or special filters, the company said. (316) 522-4981.

ADC Telecommunications Inc. will demonstrate its Homeworx hybrid fiber/coax system at SuperComm ’97 this week in New Orleans. The demonstration will show the two-way capability of multichannel multipoint distribution service for delivering voice, video and data services to a large service area, said the company. The demonstration incorporates MMDS transmitters and receivers at a central office or headend. Signals are transmitted over the air in the 2.5 GHz frequency range to “line of sight” receive antennas located at customer locations. Potential customers include small office/home office businesses, schools and residential subscribers in apartment buildings and homes.

The company also will debut its line of ancillary equipment for wireless communications cell sites including its SmarTop 1800 and 1900 dual duplex and its SmarTop 800 and 900 RX tower top amplifiers. The products feature functions such as monitoring antenna and cable by an integrated voltage standing wave radio sensor unit, remote control and alarm functions by dual-tone multifrequency signaling, bypass switch, balanced parallel single stage low noise amplifier and high mean time before failure. (800) 366-3891, ext. 3475.

NEC America Inc. said its 2600 Series asynchronous digital microwave radio is now available in the United States. The radio transmits up to 32 DSIs and uses the same technologies developed for Sonet/SDH radio systems, the company said. The 2600 Series features a high-order modulation and advanced error correction, which provides higher system gain and decreased interference for improved reliability and performance, NEC said. (972) 751-7211.

Yuasa-Exide Inc. will display its latest modular valve regulated lead-acid batteries and DC power systems at SuperCommm ’97 this week in New Orleans. The company’s DDH battery, which uses Yuasa-Exide’s Absorbed Glass Mat technology, will be on display. The DDH has a capacity range from 120 Ah to 4,000 Ah in 24V or 48V configurations. Also on display will be the company’s Horizon Series 24V and 48V power systems with the Vector Series H24V100 high frequency switch mode rectifier and H48V24C10 HFSM DC/DC Converter modules. The company’s Phoenix Series of sealed, valve-regulated batteries and its High Temperature Series of VRLA batteries also will be featured. (800) 538-3627.

Reeves-Hoffman introduced its Model 108 Series of surface mount ovenized oscillators. Weighing less than 15 grams, Model 108 covers a frequency range of 5 to 50 MHz and uses either a precision AT or SC crystal to achieve a wide range of performance and cost levels, said the company. (717) 243-5929.

VertiCom Inc. released its MTS-1500 family of synthesizers, developed specifically to meet the demands of high data rate, complex modulation based point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. The MTS-1500 provides noise margin for 16, 64, 128 and 256 QAM modulation schemes. (707) 544-9757.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants Inc. introduced its “Sandwich Block” surge protection device, which is designed for ultra fast reaction times, low clamp ratio and high reliability, the company said. The product’s modular concept allows for a small footprint, while the integral heat sink dissipates heat efficiently. The Sandwich Block has energy handling capabilities from 25k to over 50k Joules and is available in configurations from 120 volts to 4160 volts, single, split and three-phase devices up to 500,000 surge current amps per phase. The company also introduced its Chem-Rod electrode system, which includes low DC surge impedance as well as an ultra-low resistance to earth interface. (303) 447-2828.

Ora Electronics Inc. began offering cellular accessories for older and discontinued phone models. Accessories include leather cases, batteries, power cords, battery savers, Starter Kits, Quick Charger/Conditioners and replacement antennas. The company is providing accessories for phones manufactured by AT&T Corp., Audiovox Corp., Fujitsu, GE/L.M. Ericsson, JRC, Mitsubishi Corp., Motorola Inc., NEC Corp., Nokia Corp., NovAtel, Oki Electric Industry Co. Ltd., Panasonic, Sony Corp., Technophone, Toshiba Corp. and Uniden Corp. (800) 877-7448, ext. 254.

Hutton Communications Inc. released its 1997 Product Selection Guide, which features 10,000 products from more than 100 communications and power systems equipment manufacturers. The guide includes infrastructure products, test and shop equipment, radios and accessories, cellular and personal communications services accessories and power systems equipment. (800) 442-3811.

Alcatel Telecom this week will introduce its 1603 SE synchronous optical network extender, which is optimized for remote deployment applications requiring a broad range of service terminations. The 1603 SE comes standard to operate within a temperature range of -40


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