Clinton II and greener pastures are generating more exits, some through the infamous revolving door.

Bob McNamara, chief of the FCC’s Private Wireless Division, is leaving the agency after 21 years to join Nextel Communications Inc. in McLean, Va.

FCC antitrust guru James Olson is leaving for the private sector early next year.

Bill Gamble, NTIA spectrum policy deputy and chairman of the inter-departmental radio advisory committee, is retiring.

FCC Chairman Hundt and commissioners Quello and Chong’s futures at the agency are still fuzzy. Hundt is in Singapore this week for World Trade Organization free trade telecom talks. Some Asian nations are said to be holding back market-opening offers.

Apparently sticking around, FCC General Counsel Bill Kennard, joins the public sector board on the Telecommunications Development Fund. Rounding out the board are Ginger Lew, deputy administrator of the Small Business Association (whose agency holds trade and encryption documents taken from Commerce), and Kirsten Moy, director of the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions Fund.

White House personnel director Bob Nash can rest.

Michael Walker, NPPCA president, goes south to become national account executive for wireless business at Siemens Stromberg Carlson in Boca Raton, Fla.

Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Mr. Cybersenator, becomes the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary committee.

CTIA, MCI and DEC are recognized at the White House with the Tech Corps Leadership in Technology Award. The three are founding members.

… The pain in Maine stays mainly on Northeast Cellular Telco Co., which loses Portland, Me., license to Portland Cellular Partnership over Paperwork Reduction Act foul-up by FCC.

… Federal Trade Commission to distribute $338,000 to victims of paging scam.

… Congrats to former PRB chief Ralph Haller on Dec. 28 nuptials.

… Reports from new research say wireless phones cause headaches (maybe it’s the monthly bills) but can relieve neck pain. Go figure.

… Supreme Court turned down challenge to state ban on automatic telephone sales pitches. Hallelujah!

… Commerce trade investigation update: Former official Melinda Yee says she discarded documents after a federal judge ordered their release. She testified she wasn’t made aware of a FOIA request for them by Judicial Watch.

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