The Antenna Co. said it now is offering a portable hands-free kit that requires the cellular subscriber to plug one end of the speaker into the phone and the other into the cigarette lighter. At the touch of a button, the wireless microphone is turned on and ready to use, the company said. The Antenna Co. said the kit offers an inexpensive and convenient alternative to custom-installed car kits because it is fully portable and simple to install. In addition to the hands-free features, the kit also charges the phone’s battery. Other features include volume control and a privacy mode, the company said. (708) 250-9900.

AnchorGuard LLC unveiled its AnchorGuard Corrosion Control System for Tower Anchors, a system designed to address the problem of corrosion on guyed tower anchors. The system prevents corrosion using cathodic protection, the technology used to protect underground pipeline and steel tanks. AnchorGuard said the system uses high output magnesium anodes to ensure a strong protective current and each system includes a durable monitoring device with a patented permanent reference cell and a test head for installation at each anchor. The system comes in three models to protect a wide range of anchor sizes and dimensions, whether located in the most mild or the most corrosive soil conditions, the company said. (800) 653-3392.

Ora Electronics and Delco Electronics have introduced Telecar, an intelligent computer device that allows users to connect their portable cellular telephones to their vehicles. In case of emergency, Telecar will automatically dial for help and offer location information when used with Telepath Global Positioning Satellite products, Ora said. For vehicles without Telepath, Telecar will offer hands-free operation and can be upgraded to include GPS later. The company said about 12 million cars exist in the market that are compatible with the Telecar interface device. By 1998, another 10 million Telecar compatible cars should be produced, Ora said. (818) 772-4433.


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