M.W.M. announced the Wave Shadow 1000, a product that automatically mutes or shuts down any vehicle radio when a portable or fixed cellular phone rings, or when outgoing calls are placed. The units require no physical connection to the cellular phone, according to the company. A marine version also is available for boats. Based in St. Leonard, Quebec, Canada, M.W.M. was formed as a development and manufacturing company in 1992. (514) 955-1515.

A new line of frequency-synthesized mobile radios that offer programmable channel spacing has been introduced by Kansas, Mo.-based Midland International Corp. The Multimode line is designed to meet government spacing requirements, which are part of the Federal Communications Commission’s strategy to improve spectrum efficiency for future private land mobile radio operations, Midland said. The radios offer channel spacing of 12.5 kHz and 25 kHz, as well as 15 kHz and 30 kHz. Programmable channel spacing enables operators to move into narrowband spacing in stages. (816) 241-8500.

Ardis said its wireless data communications network is able to support Motorola Inc.’s Personal Messenger 100D PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) Type II wireless modem card. The Personal Messenger 100D is a two-way wide area network wireless modem card that inserts into the PCMCIA Type II and Type III slots of the most popular computing devices and personal digital assistants. The modem supports all Ardis features, including dual 4.8/19.2 kilobits per second operation and nationwide, automatic roaming. It can receive and store wireless messages even when the modem is not plugged into a computing device. Applications on the Ardis network include Ardis’ PersonalMessaging, Motorola’s AirMobile wireless software and RadioMail Corp.’s RadioMail service. (708) 913-1215.

Reliance Comm/Tec Corp.’s Lorain Products Division introduced the MZHSA4M DC-DC Converter, a unit that converts +24VDC remote cell site power to +12VDC and serves as a power supply for a 12-volt portable cellular telephone. The Lorain converter measures 19 inches, said the company, and can be mounted easily on a rack or wall. Reliance is a supplier of integrated access solutions which incorporate power, enclosures, transmission systems and turnkey network services to communication providers, noted the company, (800)-INFOWAY.

Times Microwave Systems has introduced a cable preparation tool that preps both the LMR-900 and LMR-1200 cables for connector attachment. The company said the tool enables repeatable high quality connector installation in less than five minutes. Both cables are low loss, flexible cables suited for use as antenna feeders in cellular, personal communications services, paging and other wireless services, contends the company. Also, the cables offer attenuation comparable to copper cables but with better flexibility and lower cost, noted Times Microwave. (203) 949-8432.

JRC International Inc. introduced its Data Passport, which incorporates cellular voice and data capabilities and provides remote data transfer for applications including vending machines, weather monitoring stations, vehicle location systems and mobile computers, said the company. Measuring 3.6″ x 1.96″ x .48,” Data Passport is well-suited for integration into portable computing platforms, said JRC. The new product’s intelligent software addresses the complexities of wireless communications such as roaming and channel handoff, the company added. JRC said it consulted with original equipment manufacturers and value added resellers during development of Data Passport and has provided its customers royalty-free licensing to its system architecture. (800) 231-5100.


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