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By 0 Reader Forum: Better authentication methods for mobile payment security

Why don’t consumers wholeheartedly embrace the ease and convenience of mobile payments? Quite simply, they are worried about the security risk. That’s understandable, given that trust in the security of personal

By 0 Reality Check: De-risking SON deployments with network emulation

Self-organizing network is a promising new feature defined by the 3GPP standard to help mobile network operators to automate several recurring tasks required for activities such as cells deployment,

Network Infrastructure
By 0 Reality Check: Network emulation reduces mobile network operators’ opex

The future of network validation and optimization is in the lab. Think about the plane industry: 100 years ago no one was using flight simulators to build and fly planes. Try for a minute to

Test and Measurement
By 0 2013 Predictions: More LTE, OS options and NFC to come in 2013

The one thing that I’ll say about this industry is it never fails to surprise. 2013 will be no exception. Overall, we’ll see much more emphasis on mobile operators trying to take back the subscriber

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