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Microsoft hits back at Google with Gmail man snoop video


There is nothing we like more here in the Valley than a cat fight, and with two tech tigers currently at each other’s throats over who can best serve up your email, this is one bloodbath you don’t want to miss.

Earlier today we reported on Google’s “Email Intervention” video for Hotmail users, taking a few nasty stabs at the email service of our youth. Microsoft, however, is not taking the hits lying down, and has instead come up with its own brilliant video raking Google over the coals for invading people’s privacy. After all, would you want your mailman reading your letters? No? So why let Google do it?

We wouldn’t want to spoil the clip for you, so we’ve posted it below:


(via ZDNet)

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  1. David says:

    It’s probably worth noting that, according the linked ZDNet piece, Microsoft showed their video to an audience on July 20 while the Google clip showed up on the Gmail site on July 27 or 28. It might be useful to establish who actually shot first here.


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