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Proposed e-waste ban in California draws on EU model

A proposed law introduced in the California legislature last week would require makers of electronic equipment to phase out the use of hazardous materials in all devices sold in that state by 2008. Assembly Member Lori Saldaña (D) introduced Measure AB 2202, sponsored by Californians Against Waste , a grass-roots advocacy group with a track [...]

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AAT sale could fetch $1 billion

Tower circles are buzzing with speculation as to who will walk off with AAT Communications Corp. and its 1,900 or so towers, in effect pushing aside fourth-quarter results from Crown Castle International Corp. and American Tower Corp. that provided few surprises in the tower industry. Though the company has not announced that it’s for sale, [...]

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DVB-H market gains chip support from Qualcomm, backing from Microsoft

Call it hedging your bets. Qualcomm Inc. said it is developing chipsets based on a rival mobile television standard-Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld, or DVB-H-even while it works to complete its own MediaFlo network in the United States. Qualcomm is spending about $800 million to build its MediaFlo network, and, so far, Verizon Wireless has agreed to [...]

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DE rules misguided, CTIA contends

WASHINGTON-The mobile-phone industry said the Federal Communications Commission is misguided in proposing to limit small-business bidding benefits to top carriers at this June’s advanced wireless services auction. CTIA, the mobile-phone carrier association, said the FCC proposal discriminates against large in-region wireless operators and small- business applicants-also called designated entities-that may want to partner with them [...]

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Too much, too little

I love cell phones. In my book they are one of humanity’s greatest advancements-along with Red Bull and break dancing-of my lifetime and I would rather leave my house without my wallet, keys or pants before forgoing my nifty mobile. However, the latest wave of data applications hogging precious space on mobile devices leaves much [...]

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CFIUS as Sisyphus, and echoes of Ernest Hollings

As if warrantless domestic spying, Hurricane Katrina, Harriet Myers, Jack Abramoff and Scooter Libby haven’t caused enough heartburn and disunity within the GOP, along comes the Dubai port deal. Indeed, port politics has replaced pork politics on Capitol Hill as a result of President Bush’s embrace of a transaction that would make a state-owned firm [...]

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Court orders firm to stop unlocking TracFone handsets

WASHINGTON-A federal court has ordered a Florida firm to immediately halt “unlocking” TracFone Wireless Inc. prepaid cell phones. Unlocked phones can be used on cellular networks other than those affiliated with the prepaid wireless provider. TracFone, the nation’s largest prepaid cell phone company, and handset manufacturer Nokia Corp. had sued Sol Wireless Group Inc. and [...]

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Broadband, universal service pop up in assorted Hill venues

WASHINGTON-The issue of broadband availability for all Americans was a reoccurring theme on Capitol Hill last week as lawmakers of all political stripes and from all parts of the country weighed in on whether and how the universal-service program should be reformed. The Senate Commerce Committee held two hearings-one on contributions and one on distribution. [...]

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Helio sets lofty goals for MVNO

Head honchos from soon-to-launch mobile virtual network operator Helio L.L.C. have been talking up their MVNO the past few weeks, speaking to groups at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter’s Wireless Forum and Jefferies Wireless Conference last week and also making an appearance at EarthLink Inc.’s analyst day. Helio, a joint venture between EarthLink and Korean operator [...]

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Yahoo, Mforma spar over 7 new hires: Complaint includes instant-messaging conversations

Yahoo Inc. filed a lawsuit against Mforma Group Inc., claiming the mobile game-maker is stealing company secrets as it hires seven former Yahoo employees. The Internet giant is suing both Mforma and the former workers, saying it will seek an injunction in a California Superior Court to prevent the employees from using Yahoo technology designed [...]

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