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Mexico may allow bids on 2.5 GHz spectrum

The Mexican Secretary of Communications and Transport said that it may allow bidding on a portion of nearly 190 megazhertz of spectrum currently held by the firm MVS Communicaciones in the 2.5 GHz band to help promote more efficient use of spectrum.

Initially the 2.5 GHz had been assigned to pay-TV services through MMDS. MVS would like to use the spectrum to offer LTE mobile broadband services. If that is allowed, MVS could hold just 100 megahertz of spectrum.

The subject returned to the agenda because the Secretary of Communications and Transport Juridical Affairs Chief Gerardo Sánchez Henkel said to local press that negotiations have continued without any resolution, and that the need to promote the efficient use of spectrum is likely and predictable part of the tender process.

MVS was granted the spectrum to offer microwave television service and Internet. In 2008, the company asked to use the spectrum to offer mobile broadband services. In April, MVS announced a project called “2.5 GHz, Mobile Broadband for all,” which announced the possibility of improving both broadband service by lowering costs and offering greater speeds, using its existing spectrum. The government has not responded to MVS’s proposal.

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