Expanding the reach of voice services in the enterprise with LTE and Wi-Fi


A conversation with Terry McCabe, CTO, Mobile Division, Mitel

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With VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling, the role and reach of voice is changing – in the enterprise and among all subscribers, with the adoption of a multitude of devices, apps, services and use models. Terry McCabe, CTO at Mitel and previously at Mavenir, told us about the evolution he sees in the wireless space.

“The future of voice isn’t about me dialing a number on a phone and calling you. It is about me interacting with an app and, as part of that, I want to talk to you or I want to talk to a persona; I may not know that that persona is you. There’s lots of ways in which communication is transforming,” Terry told us. “The carrier wants to remain relevant, not just be a transport mechanism. Being able to package and service the critical aspects of communication and do that well are still a valuable activity.”

New devices and technologies accelerate this shift in usage models: “Non-SIM devices, VoWi-Fi and VoLTE have really broken the linkage between access technology and the communications service, and that makes the communications service portable across different access technologies. That is a huge change for the industry; I think people are still coming to terms with it,” Terry added.

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