Mobile backhaul and IoT


Christina Richards, VP of marketing for AOptix, spoke with RCR about the implications for backhaul in regards to Internet of Things (IoT) and the evolution toward more M2M traffic. Richards also touches on what AOptix currently sees in the backhaul market, the role of Wi-Fi in IoT, and some of the company’s current projects in development.

AOptix’s technology was originally developed for accurate imaging of objects in space, and the company spent years developing in-air communications systems for the military before moving toward connectivity for cellular systems.

AOptix is in trials with several global tier-1 operators, Richards said, and also has a network built out on the East Coast with links in New York and New Jersey, for  use by Anova Technologies, which provides trading connectivity for financial services that demands extremely low latency.

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  • Michael Elling (@Infostack)

    There are 4 growth trends ahead will work simultaneously on revamping the business models and network architectures:

    -4K VoD (consumer choice)
    -2 way HD video collaboration (real-time communication),
    -mobile first (consumption everywhere)
    -IoT (consumer convenience).

    Note the focus on demand (consumer) not supply.

    The necessary changes in price/performance include:
    -capacity (particularly upstream)

    Basically we need interconnect and settlement policies which drive the cloud to the edge and achieve greater efficiency and network densification. Hetnets, as this video suggests will play a big role in the last mile.