T-Mobile USA clarifies job cuts; net loss of 350 positions


T-Mobile USA looked to head off bad publicity generated this week when it was reported the carrier was set to cut 900 jobs as part of a broader corporate restructuring program.

The carrier, which currently has approximately 36,000 employees, today noted that the actual job losses would amount to just 350 net cuts as it planned to hire 550 new positions.

“This week, T-Mobile is communicating to employees a new organizational structure that will enable us to react with greater speed and effectiveness to customer and market opportunities, that aligns our costs with our revenue realities, and that better positions T-Mobile to return to growth,” the company noted in a statement. “As a result of this restructuring, some positions are being eliminated while hundreds of new positions are being created.”

T-Mobile USA explained that a majority of the 550 new hires would be in the Puget Sound, Wash., area, with those losing their positions encouraged to apply for the new positions. The carrier added that the job cuts would not impact “technicians in engineering, customer service representatives in our 17 remaining call centers, or front-line retail employees in corporate-owned T-Mobile stores.”

“These changes resulted in a restructuring of key functions and departments across the company including the elimination of some positions and the outsourcing of others,” said Larry Myers, T-Mobile USA’s chief people officer, in a statement. “While difficult choices had to be made, restructuring our organization will help us better respond to market and customer demands and bring opportunity for continued career development and growth for many of our employees. We appreciate the contributions of our affected colleagues and will provide them with assistance and support during this transition.”

T-Mobile USA also noted that it was still on track to hire 1,000 enterprise sales representatives as part of a new push into that market.

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