Jasper adapter simplifies network connectivity development


Jasper Wireless introduced its Jasper Link software-based network adapter that simplifies the process of building and managing connected devices.
The company said the product is designed for machine-to-machine and consumer electronic devices and can reduce time spent on network connectivity development by up to six months. Jasper pointed to a spate of new connected devices – including electronic readers, automotive telematics, gaming, mobile healthcare and tracking devices – that are developed by experts in their respective industries who lack experience in network connectivity. The inexperience in network connectivity can lead to poor performance in the field. The company said its research indicates more than 60% of connected device launches are delayed because of application redesign needs that arise from issues like connection problems.
“Time and time again, we see connected device manufacturers miss their target launch dates because their devices are not production ready, causing a significant loss in revenue. Many device developers, who are skilled at designing their own applications, often lack the wireless expertise needed to successfully connect devices – and keep them connected in the field,” said Daniel Collins, CTO, Jasper Wireless. “Over the past six years, Jasper Wireless has worked with hundreds of device developers to help them address this challenge. Now, Jasper Link brings that experience and expertise to the application developer in the form of an off-the-shelf adapter that they can include within their product.”

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