By the Numbers: Top 10 Tower Companies


This RCR Wireless News Top 10 Tower Companies listing is a compilation of the top 10 tower companies that responded to a survey from PCIA and RCR Wireless News. This year’s list is a little different in that it was a voluntary effort: some companies that could be included on the list chose not to and RCR Wireless News decided against compiling that information. However, some things have not changed in that the two largest tower companies – Crown Castle International Inc. and American Tower Corp. dominate the independent tower companies space. The lone carrier on the list, AT&T Towers, was the only carrier to submit information for the survey.
This list is by no means complete, but RCR Wireless News intends to update the list by managed towers and also by rooftop listings later this year. Please contact Tracy Ford at RCR Wireless News to fill out survey information for future lists. Thanks to PCIA for helping with this year’s list.

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