xG Technology tests long-range broadband wireless technology


SARASOTA, Fla.-xG Technology L.L.C. said it conducted its first long-range wireless test of its xMax radio-frequency signaling technique that aims to address spectrum overcrowding issues.

Using a VHF paging channel and negligible power in adjacent sidebands, an xMax transmitter and receiver pair with ground-level antennas delivered data to the xMax receiver more than a mile away, said the company. Ground-level testing allowed the company to gauge performance with the signal traveling through buildings and other obstacles.

“Demonstrating that broadband wireless communications can occur at such micro-power levels in the presence of interfering signals overturns long-held industry ideas,” said Joe Bobier, president of xG Technology. “What is really exciting, however, is that xMax’s unique signal profile is a perfect fit for low-frequency channels that have been previously unsuitable for wireless broadband.”

The company said it plans to release reference designs later this year for sub-Gigahertz fixed wireless base stations and customer premise equipment.

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