Cofetel chooses Comarco for quality testing


IRVINE, Calif.-Mexico’s telecommunications oversight agency Cofetel has selected Comarco Wireless Test Solutions’ Seven.Five Multi product to help monitor quality of service levels for Mexican cellular carriers.

The Seven.Five Multi can house up to six calling modules or scanners in each chassis and multiple chassis can be combined for up to 96 calling modules.

“The ability of the Seven.Five Multi to accurately test true customer-perceived quality of service for such things as voice quality, call completion, call retention and data transmission rates, was crucial in our decision,” says Jose Luis Peralta, Fundamental Plans Director of Cofetel. “Our mission is to promote the free and fair competition of cellular service providers, maintaining international levels of quality of service in Mexico, so the final users get more value in return for their investments in mobile communication services. It is our ultimate goal to provide Mexican users of cellular services with the finest quality of service in the world.”

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