ICT, EurophoneUSA jump into device biz


NEW YORK-ICT Technologies Inc. and its operating company EurophoneUSA Inc. said they will partner with Korean mobile phone design company Uroa Tech to sell a range of wireless devices across the world, including an advanced GPRS smart phone.

“We’re on the horizon,” said Konstantzas Takantzas, ICT’s vice president of telecommunications.

Takantzas said ICT plans to sell a range of phones in Europe and North America, including CDMA, GSM and TDMA phones, but he declined to provide specifics. He said the company plans to introduce its first GSM mobile phone in Europe during the first quarter, but declined to provide pricing or carrier information. Takantzas said the company also hopes to sell phones in the United States, and said the company is in discussions with U.S. wireless carriers. Takantzas however declined to provide dates or details on its U.S. mobile-phone plans.

Takantzas said ICT and EurophoneUSA also plan to sell a smart-phone device. According to EurophoneUSA’s Internet site, the smart phone will feature Microsoft Corp.’s Smartphone operating system, but Takantzas said the type of operating system had not yet been decided. Takantzas said ICT’s choice of operating systems would be subject to the wishes of its carrier partners.

Design firm Uroa Tech has been developing the phones since October. Takantzas declined to say which company would manufacture the phones. Takantzas said ICT was considering offering its phones as white-label devices, which would allow the company’s carrier partners to brand the phones as their own.

EurophoneUSA is a subsidiary of ICT, which is based in New York. ICT also manages a variety of other businesses, including those that sell prepaid services, Internet services, motorcycles and air conditioners.

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