Companies accept awards at tower show


LAS VEGAS-From a crowded show floor at this week’s Tower Summit & Trade Show, Shorecliff Communications L.L.C. presented its annual Excellence in Business Awards.

Sprint Sites USA was awarded the most creative site concealment design for a site resembling a weather vane in the Research Triangle Park, Va., area, which was designed with the help of a local artist. Sprint Sites also took home an award for best marketing campaign for advertisements intended to show the carrier’s understanding of customer needs.

AAT Communications Corp. won for best design for a multi-tenant site for a site at the Hoover Dam where there was previously no coverage, according to the AAT representative who accepted the award. The site covered the Hoover Dam, Lake Meade and nearby Highway 93.

Wireless Applications Corp. was awarded for best online site location tool. The company also demonstrated its newest online site location tool at the show this week.

Finally, LGP Allgon and InSite Wireless won the award for innovative teamwork.

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