HOUSTON-The State of New York awarded Crown Castle International Corp. a contract to manage existing towers and construct new towers for the state.

Crown Castle formed a new company called Crown Communication New York Inc. to facilitate the management of existing state-owned towers, property and roof-top facilities and to act as the liaison between wireless carriers and the State of New York.

“This is a watershed event within the telecommunications industry,” said John Gwyn, executive vice president of Crown Castle. “No other telecommunications or infrastructure services company has successfully attained the rights to build extensively on state-owned lands.”

Crown Communications, the domestic operating arm of Crown Castle International, plans to work directly with wireless carriers that have filed requests with the state to be placed on state-owned towers or to build new towers on state property.

“Collocation of carriers will be prolific due to the tremendous number of wireless companies who have filed requests with the state,” said Bob Crown, president of Crown Communications. “We anticipate constructing new towers at an aggressive yet controllable pace with numerous wireless carriers collocating on each tower structure.”

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