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Well, technically… zoning for small cells requires an updated process: Miller, Miller & Canby’s Cathy Borten (Ep. 30)

Cathy Borten is a legal associate at Miller, Miller & Canby in Rockville Maryland where her work in real estate transactions and leasing has revealed to her the policy and zoning challenges that telecom providers are up against as they seek to install 5G...

Well, technically… a little bit of friendly competition is always good: Intel’s Asha Keddy (Ep. 29)

On this week's episode, Asha Keddy, corporate VP at Intel, takes a closer look at the friendly, but fierce, competition between 5G and Wi-Fi both in the enterprise and at home, as well as what is in store for the telecom and wireless industries...

Well, technically… 5G isn’t the solution; it’s simply an enabler: Libelium’s Alicia Pérez (Ep. 28)

The Co-Founder and CEO of Libelium Alicia Pérez comes on the show to defend her claim that 5G isn't the solution to all of our network and economic woes and to explain how market hyper fragmentation is stunting IoT growth.

Well, technically… telecom customers want a personalized experience: Verizon’s Krista Bourne (Ep. 27)

This week, Well, technically… caught up with Verizon's SVP of Sales and Operations Krista Bourne for an update on how the carrier and its employees are faring in the continued work from home environment. We also discuss consumer excitement and confusion are around 5G....

Well, technically… progress is being made in wireless and fiber engineering: Squan’s Carolyn Hardwick (Ep. 26)

Carolyn Hardwick, the president of engineering at Squan, comes on the show to explain some of the latest progress and challenges she's experienced in wireless and fiber engineering in telecommunications. She also discusses the importance of female leadership and her role as the President...

Well, technically… the main consumer of video content will be machines: Qualcomm’s Marta Karczewicz (Ep. 25)

On this week's episode, Qualcomm Technologies VP of Technology Dr. Marta Karczewicz explains Versatile Video Coding and how it will contribute to future video streaming applications.

Well, technically… the supply chain is about building relationships, even during COVID-19: Cambium Networks’ Ann Deardorff (Ep. 24)

Cambium Networks' Vice President of Supply Chain Ann Deardorff comes on the podcast to talk about how COVID-19 has impacted the global wireless supply chain. She also looks to the future as we begin a new year.

Well, technically… fixed access broadband has been our lifeline: Nokia’s Sandy Motley (Ep. 23)

Nokia's President of Fixed Networks Sandy Motley discusses the role that fixed access broadband has played during the COVID-19 pandemic and how Nokia and other industry leaders have responded to the crisis. She also shares what her favorite piece of technology is. (Spoiler: It's...

Well, technically… 5G SA will benefit the consumer, the enterprise and the operator: Ericsson’s Mona Shukla (Ep. 22)

Mona Shukla, head of Packet Core & Communications Services at Ericsson North America, says it's every telecom operator's goal to eventually move to 5G standalone. On this episode, she delves into the strategies behind the transition to 5G SA, and some of the benefits it will bring to consumers, enterprises and operators.

Well, technically… software is truly more vital than ever: Intel’s Jeni Panhorst (Ep. 21)

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Intel's Open source software project DPDK. To celebrate the occasion, the company's Vice President and General Manager of Network and Edge Platforms Jeni Panhorst explains the vital role that software will play in next-generation networks and highlights the innovation that Intel's network business has driven over the years.

Well, technically… farming is focused on being smarter and more automated: John Deere’s Nancy Post (Ep. 20)

When John Deere first began supplying agricultural tools in 1804, it was pitchforks and shovels; today, it’s connectivity and data. On this episode of Well, technically… John Deere's Director of Intelligent Solutions Group Nancy Post digs into how the company is helping farmers improve efficiency and output with advanced technologies like AI, machine learning and hopefully one day, 5G.

Well, technically… 28% of US households have at least one connected device: Amanda McGregor, NXP (Ep. 19)

Director of Product Innovation at NXP Semiconductors Amanda McGregor discusses the impact on energy consumption of the growing popularity of smart devices in our homes and what can be done on the hardware level to ensure device optimization.

Well, technically… 5G’s latency specification will enhance drone applications: Sarah Yost, NI (Ep. 18)

Sarah Yost, NI’s senior business development manager, discusses why it's too soon to get excited about 6G, as well as how the company’s software-defined radios are supporting the PAWR program, which is, among other things, exploring how to build drone applications on top of...

Well, technically… private LTE and 5G networks have a big future: Suparna Kumar, Celona (Ep. 17)

This week, Suparna Kumar, VP of Engineering at Celona, comes on the podcast to discuss the future of private LTE and 5G networks, using her strong engineering background to explore the challenges and opportunities they present.

Well, technically… 5G will be the underpinning of enhanced wireless technology trends: Mary Beth Hall, Panasonic (Ep. 16)

On this episode of Well, technically... Mary Beth Hall, the director of wireless strategy and marketing at Panasonic, weighs in on what enterprises can do today to prepare for 5G, even though it's still in the early stages of adoption, and critically, that means understanding what 5G is and what it isn't.

Well, technically… the value of open telecom is clear: Natasha Tamaskar, Radisys (Ep. 15)

Natasha Tamaskar, head of global marketing and sales enablement at Radisys, explains that open telecom is built into the company's DNA and how an open telecom ecosystem represents a new and different model, which brings a number of challenges and opportunities for carriers, vendors and customers.

Well, technically… we need a sustainable method for deploying small cells: Kelly Richards, Raycap (Ep. 14)

Kelly Richards, senior vice president of sales at Raycap, talks the importance of future proofing our networks and of incorporating sustainable products into network architecture. We also discuss how mysteriously short the women's restroom lines at telecom trade shows tend to be.

Well, technically… multi-vendor interoperability leads to a robust, innovative ecosystem: Suruchi Gupta, Samsung (Ep. 13)

On this week's episode, Suruchi Gupta, Samsung's senior professional of sales and head of 5G collaboration, discusses the company's commitment to helping create an open telecom ecosystem that supports multi-vendor interoperability.

Well, technically… use digital as a tool, not the end goal: Aparna Khurjekar, Verizon (Ep. 12)

On this week's episode, Verizon's Chief Customer Officer Aparna Khurjekar explores what being a leader in the communications industry has been like during COVID-19 and more specifically, how Verizon has approached delivering a more digital customer experience.

Well, technically… small cell concealment is much more than putting a radio in a box: CommScope (Ep. 11)

Small cell concealment is much more than putting a radio in a box

Well, technically… reliable mobile device usage is business critical: Julie Purves, B2M Solutions (Ep. 10)

On this week’s episode, Julie Purves, CEO and founder of B2M Solutions, discusses mobile analytics in the time of COVID-19 and the growing role that mobile devices play in the workplace. She also explores the question: Are failing devices making your employees sick?

Well, technically… 70% of data breaches happen from endpoints: Janet Giesen, Metallic (Ep. 9)

Janet Giesen, VP of operations at Metallic, discusses how the SaaS company adjusted its approach to marketing security products once COVID-19 hit, as well as what enterprises need to keep in mind as their networks expand into employee homes.

Well, technically… time is up: Carolina Milanesi, The Heart of Tech (Ep. 8)

On this week's episode of Well, technically... prominent Tech Analyst Carolina Milanesi discusses her new company The Heart of Tech, which aims to help technology providers in two key areas that should be on the minds of every tech company: education and diversity.

Well, technically… 5G NR on DAS will be a game changer: Rachel Rea, Boingo (Ep. 7)

On this week's episode of Well, technically... Boingo's Rachel Rea, senior director of carrier sales, discusses distributed antenna system (DAS) in more detail, specifically focusing on the role these systems will play in the 5G era.

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