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Well, technically… C-Band won’t really be any cheaper than mmWave: Movandi’s Maryam Rofougaran (Ep. 54)

Movandi Corporation's CEO and founder, Maryam Rofougaran compares key characteristics of C-Band and mmWave. She also details the company's demonstration in which it placed mmWave repeaters inside a moving vehicle, advancing C-V2X communications for the next generation of connected cars.

Well, technically… people are looking for new ways to connect; technology can help: GYDO’s Rachel Van Gorp (Ep. 53)

Rachel Van Gorp, co-founder and creator of a new mobile app that lets you buy drinks for loved ones from anywhere in the world, shares her experience being a female tech founder and her perspective on our changing social behaviors.

Well, technically… business focus has shifted from technology to mission: AWS’ Sandy Carter (Ep. 52)

According to Sandy Carter, vice president at Amazon Web Services, the company's customers are moving past the technology implementation stage of the digitalization journey and are beginning to focus on developing and achieving their mission. Listen to this week's episode to hear more about...

Well, technically… the adoption of 800G has been fast and global: Ciena’s Helen Xenos (Ep. 51)

With the industry’s first programmable 800G solution now on the market, how fast have customers been embracing it? Well, according to Helen Xenos, senior director of Portfolio Marketing at Ciena, pretty fast. Take a listen to find out what's behind the high interest in...

Well, technically… the traditional approach to science education prevents science education: Stony Brook University’s Gena Sbeglia (Ep. 50)

Gena Sbeglia is a biologist and biology education researcher at Stony Brook University, and perhaps most importantly, my big sister. On this week's episode, we talk about what it means to have a STEM identity and how traditional approaches to science and STEM education...

Well, technically… the compute power used by AI is increasing exponentially: Imperas Software’s Katherine (Kat) Hsu (Ep. 49)

Imperas Software's Senior Account Manager Katherine (Kat) Hsu discusses the biggest trends in the semiconductor industry, why consumers should care about AI processors and the technical challenges that open standard RISC-V helps solve.

Well, technically… women need to peel back the camouflage: JL Donahue Engineering’s Jenn Donahue (Ep. 48)

Jenn Donahue, the founder of JL Donahue Engineering, shares what she’s learned about being the only women in the room from her time in the military and when founding her own engineering company.

Well, technically… Verizon has small business tools you probably don’t know about: Verizon’s Wendy Taccetta (Ep. 47)

According Verizon's Senior Vice President for Nationwide Small Business Wendy Taccetta, small businesses are usually the last to bounce back after a financial crisis like the one we saw during Covid-19. But, she says, this time it can be different thanks to the advances...

Well, technically… a hybrid workforce maximizes flexibility and productivity: Qualcomm’s Heather Ace (Ep. 46)

Qualcomm's Chief Human Resources Officer Heather Ace describes the company's hybrid approach to in-office work post COVID and the importance of focusing on mental health and workplace equity. She also shares how her own experience onboarding remotely informed how she tackled these challenging topics.

Well, technically… things are going to get complicated with 5G, but AI can help: Ericsson’s Amy McCune (Ep. 45)

Amy McCune, the head of managed services for Ericsson North America, delivers insight into what CSPs think about AI and offers her own perspective on why it’s a must for managing 5G networks. She also shares some of the silver linings of being one of the only women in the room, like shorter bathroom lines at tech conferences.

Well, technically… fiber is the main character in 5G’s movie: FiberLight’s Sue Kelly (Ep. 44)

On this week’s episode, FiberLight’s SVP of Enterprise Sales Sue Kelly discusses the important, and often overlooked, role that fiber will play in the 5G era, as well as what operators and enterprise customers are looking for in their fiber solutions.

Well, technically… there’s a LOT of data in agriculture: John Deere’s Deanna Kovar (Ep. 43)

According to John Deere's Vice President of Production & Precision Ag Production Systems Deanna Kovar, farming is just like manufacturing, except, of course, that it's outside. This means it's subject to the whims of nature, making advanced technologies like spatial intelligence and real-time data processing crucial. Further, the pressure is on for farmers as higher yields will be necessary to feed and clothe the increasing population.

Well, technically… the value of STIR/SHAKEN cannot be overstated: Twilio’s Julie Kearney (Ep. 42)

Robocalls blowing up your phone? Twilio's VP of Communications Regulatory Affairs and Policy details how the TRACED Act and STIR/SHAKEN might finally put an end to that.

Well, technically… 5G has been one big, international fight: Internet Consultant Dominique Lazanski (Ep. 41)

This week, I'm joined by Dominique Lazanski, a consultant who deals mostly in international Internet governance and cybersecurity policy. Dominique talks about China's push to create a less centralized global internet based on native products that reflect China’s policy agenda, and critically, where 5G...

Well, technically… wireless spectrum is like land: Aurora Insight’s Jennifer Alvarez (Ep. 40)

Jennifer Alvarez, the co-founder and CEO at Aurora Insight shares details of the company's most recent satellite-based RF sensor launch and delves deeper into the importance of measuring and analyzing the global radio frequency environment.

Well, technically… maybe the 5G hype isn’t all bad: Capgemini Engineering’s R. Ezhirpavai (Ep. 39)

R. Ezhirpavai, Capgemini Engineering's global chief architect for 5G, whose friends and colleagues call her Pavai, talks about Altran's rebranding, the early hype of 5G and why some Asian operators are reluctant to move to the 5G cloud.

Well, technically… leaders are gonna lead: Boingo’s Dawn Callahan (Ep. 38)

Dawn Callahan, Boingo's chief marketing officer, offers her perspective on what the tech industry is doing right and wrong when it comes to gender equality. And for those of you that are here for the tech, she also discusses the trends Boingo is keeping an eye on (yes, 5G is one of them).

Well, technically… network slicing brings traffic engineering to the next level: Ribbon Communications’ Irit Touitou (Ep. 37)

Irit Touitou, executive VP of packet optical networking R&D at Ribbon Communications, comes on the podcast to discuss the essential role of traffic engineering and how network slicing creates a dynamic network in the 5G era.

Well, technically… 5G has to be agile, secure, affordable and resilient: Rakuten Mobile’s Azita Arvani (Ep. 36)

Rakuten Mobile Americas' General Manager Azita Arvani addresses the company's decision to sell its end-to-end, cloud-native and fully virtualized mobile network architecture as a solution to other operators, as opposed to keeping it all to itself. 

Well, technically… it’s the amount of spectrum that is transformative: NCTA’s Danielle Piñeres (Ep. 35)

Danielle Piñeres is vice president & associate general counsel at NCTA where she focuses on wireless spectrum policy issues. On the latest episode of Well, technically... she discusses how the recently opened 5.9 and 6 GHz bands will impact the Wi-Fi landscape in the...

Well, technically… measuring network metrics should be an apples-to-apples comparison: Opensignal’s Ceri Howes (Ep. 34)

On this week's episode, Opensignal's Head of Regulatory Ceri Howes articulates the company's mission, the difference between Quality of Service and Quality of Experience when measuring network performance, as well as the results of its exploration into T-Mobile's standalone 5G network.

Well, technically… 5G will significantly increase entry points for security threats: Nokia’s Mona Noor (Ep. 33)

Mona Noor, a product manager at Nokia, dives into some of the biggest security threats our networks will have to deal with in a 5G era, compares the inherent security of cloud and on-premise servers and explains why home IoT devices aren't built to...

Well, technically… communication has always been part of the autonomous vehicle concept: u-blox’s Stefania Sesia (Ep. 32)

Stefania Sesia, the senior director and head of global application marketing for automotive at u-blox, explains the difference between V2X for sensing, V2X for cognition, V2X for decision and V2X for actuation and why each element is important to autonomous driving.

Well, technically… 2021 may not be the best year for telecom: Vertical Bridge’s Blair Crawford (Ep. 31)

Blair Crawford, vice president of National Accounts & Marketing at Vertical Bridge, discusses the company's recent deal with Dish and shares her perspective on what's in store for 2021 as we wait to see the impact from the highly popular C Band auction.

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