Well, technically… telcos can only grow by moving into the enterprise: IBM’s Marisa Viveros (Ep. 60)

On this episode, Marisa Viveros, vice president of Strategy & Offerings for the Telecom, Media and Entertainment Industry at IBM defines the IBM telco cloud network ecosystem, delves into the specifics of the company's recent cloud partnerships with Verizon and Telefonica and explains how...

Will 5G Change the World? Mike Murphy, Ericsson (Ep. 44)

In this episode of Will 5G Change the World?, Ericsson Chief Technology Officer for North America, Mike Murphy, discusses how network infrastructure modernization and other factors can help operators break the energy curve as the upgrade to 5G. Further, Murphy discusses Ericsson's own sustainability initiatives, and shares his thoughts on how 5G can enable other applications with positive impacts on sustainability.

Raising The Industry To New Heights With Heather Gastelum of T-Mobile

Just because accidents in this industry are inevitable doesn't mean we should stop trying to add more safety measures. The Senior Manager for National Site Safety at T-Mobile, Heather Gastelum, refuses to accept construction-related fatalities as just part of the job. In this episode, she...

Powering the Future of Wireless Connectivity Podcast: (Ep. 2) Beyond Mobile—Compute, XR, and gaming

RCR Wireless News · Powering the Future of Wireless Connectivity Podcast: (Ep. 2) Beyond Mobile—Compute, XR, and gaming Qualcomm’s leadership in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth continues to be an integral part of its mobile platforms via the Qualcomm® FastConnect™ 6900 sub-system which is included in the...

Talent Retention in a Hot Market with DISH Wireless’ Nichole Thomas and Katie Flynn

Talent retention can be a difficult matter for many businesses. One company, however, seems to have found a formula for success. In this episode, Carrie Charles is joined by the Head of Wireless Talent Acquisition for DISH Network, Katie Flynn, and the Regional VP...

Well, technically… cybersecurity needs diversity: Tanium’s Shannon Rosales Mirani (Ep. 59)

Shannon Rosales Mirani, senior human resources business partner for global sales at Tanium, comes on the podcast to discuss how prioritizing diversity and equity helps the company to grow and innovate.

Diversity Drives 5G: Empowering Women In Tech With Amy Wheelus Of AT&T

While gender inequality is present in every industry, it seems particularly prevalent in the male-dominated tech world.  Women continue to leave the tech industry at unprecedented rates with the pandemic fueling the fire.  In our new world of work, how do we encourage more...

Well, technically… CSPs need to move beyond connectivity to monetize 5G: Oracle’s Chantel Cary (Ep. 58)

According to Oracle's Director of Product Marketing Chantel Cary, there are still more questions than answers around how to best monetize 5G. Listen to this week's episode to discover how the company is helping CSPs tackle this reality.

The GSS Way: Design For Compliance With Steve Blazenko And Alexander Novak

Design for compliance separates GSS from its competitors. Host Carrie Charles introduces Steve Blazenko, the CEO at GSS, and Alexander Novak, the General Manager at GSS. Steve and Alexander explain how GSS does everything in-house, starting with site acquisition. With other acquisition firms, they’ll have...

Well, technically… cloud is ground zero in distributed networking: Extreme Networks’ Carla Guzzetti (Ep. 57)

Carla Guzzetti, VP of customer experience at Extreme Networks explains what distributed networking is, why it's something you should care about and what it has to do with the concept of the infinite enterprise. She also uses her own experience as a podcast host...

Well, technically… CBRS spectrum has ushered in an entire industry of private networks: Innovate5G’s Rashmi Varma (Ep. 56)

Innovate5G’s President and CTO Rashmi Varma shares the company’s 5G efforts and vision and offers a deep dive into why making technology and innovation more accessible has been at the heart of her work.

Well, technically… 5G is an ecosystem play, not an ego-system play: Ericsson’s Cecilia Atterwall and Sibel Bahadir (Ep. 55)

By mid-2021, roughly 170 service providers had launched 5G networks, adding 1 million subscribers per day. 5G's growing adoption is exciting, but it also requires a new approach to network design, deployment and management. On this week's episode, Ericsson's Cecilia Atterwall and Sibel Bahadir...

Well, technically… C-Band won’t really be any cheaper than mmWave: Movandi’s Maryam Rofougaran (Ep. 54)

Movandi Corporation's CEO and founder, Maryam Rofougaran compares key characteristics of C-Band and mmWave. She also details the company's demonstration in which it placed mmWave repeaters inside a moving vehicle, advancing C-V2X communications for the next generation of connected cars.

Well, technically… people are looking for new ways to connect; technology can help: GYDO’s Rachel Van Gorp (Ep. 53)

Rachel Van Gorp, co-founder and creator of a new mobile app that lets you buy drinks for loved ones from anywhere in the world, shares her experience being a female tech founder and her perspective on our changing social behaviors.

Well, technically… business focus has shifted from technology to mission: AWS’ Sandy Carter (Ep. 52)

According to Sandy Carter, vice president at Amazon Web Services, the company's customers are moving past the technology implementation stage of the digitalization journey and are beginning to focus on developing and achieving their mission. Listen to this week's episode to hear more about...

Will 5G Change the World? Steve Goetz, IBM (Ep. 43)

Will 5G Change the World? is brought to you by VIAVI Solutions. VIAVI helps communications service providers, network equipment manufacturers and enterprises worldwide command the 5G network with automated solutions for test, monitoring and assurance.

5G Marketing Trends And Insights With Peter Linder Of Ericsson

With the pandemic, the trend right now is that everything is video-related. From video calls to video games, everyone is, at some point, looking at a video screen. Discover how video plays a big role in the future of 5G marketing. Learn more insights...

Well, technically… the adoption of 800G has been fast and global: Ciena’s Helen Xenos (Ep. 51)

With the industry’s first programmable 800G solution now on the market, how fast have customers been embracing it? Well, according to Helen Xenos, senior director of Portfolio Marketing at Ciena, pretty fast. Take a listen to find out what's behind the high interest in...

Essential Leadership In The 5G Era With Josh Broder, CEO Of Tilson

In the military, leadership is essential and something that every soldier must learn. You have to go through leadership training so that you can apply that to your life in the military and after. This is exactly what Josh Broder did. He always knew he...

Well, technically… the traditional approach to science education prevents science education: Stony Brook University’s Gena Sbeglia (Ep. 50)

Gena Sbeglia is a biologist and biology education researcher at Stony Brook University, and perhaps most importantly, my big sister. On this week's episode, we talk about what it means to have a STEM identity and how traditional approaches to science and STEM education...

Will 5G Change the World? Kashif Hussain, Viavi (Ep. 42)

The increasing complexity of 5G networks and disaggregated radio systems means the test, measurement and assurance process is also becoming more complex. Viavi's Kashif Hussain examines these trends and highlights the role of automation in achieving velocity and scale. RCR Wireless News · Will 5G...

Well, technically… the compute power used by AI is increasing exponentially: Imperas Software’s Katherine (Kat) Hsu (Ep. 49)

Imperas Software's Senior Account Manager Katherine (Kat) Hsu discusses the biggest trends in the semiconductor industry, why consumers should care about AI processors and the technical challenges that open standard RISC-V helps solve.

The Green Behind 5G: Caban Systems’ Intelligent Clean Power Solutions With Alexandra Rasch

"Any infrastructure that uses fuel is an opportunity to remove and improve the conditions of the infrastructure." This is what Alexandra Rasch Castillo, the founder and CEO of Caban Systems, believes. Having been enamored with the idea of removing contaminants from the environment, she has set off to create clean power infrastructures. In this episode, she joins Carrie Charles to talk about green 5G. She explores what is called carbon neutral and how they are working on minimizing and eliminating fossil fuel use on sites. What is more, Alexandra also discusses decarbonize data, why it is important, and what she thinks is the future of clean power infrastructure. Join this conversation and discover the possibilities of having a greener world.

Will 5G Change the World? Chris Stark, Innovate5G (Ep. 41)

Innovate5G Founder and CEO discusses what makes a 5G app a 5G app and how the company is enabling developers to bring new experiences to users. He also looks at momentum around private networks and the transition from consumer-facing to enterprise-facing 5G capabilities.

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