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May, 2015
Editorial Webinar: The importance of service orchestration in support of wireless software (SDN, NFV, cloud) advances

As mobile operators begin to rollout NFV, SDN and cloud platforms, there is a growing need for centralized orchestration in order to help automate information flow between the platforms and for on-boarding of services. This is also known as management and orchestration (MANO). This report will look at how service orchestration fits into the cloud, SDN and NFV space; what specific orchestration functions and vendor solutions mobile carriers will need to look for; and what challenges the eco-system is facing in terms of moving forward with deployable service orchestration platforms that can fit the needs of cloud, NFV and SDN.

What you will learn:
The need for service orchestration as mobile operators increasingly turn to virtualized services. What goes into service orchestration platforms and taking a look into how those platforms are developing. Also, the importance or need to have a single orchestration platform to handle both SDN and NFV deployments.

Who should attend:
1. Those in charge of carrier virtualization plans.
2. Vendors looking to gain insight into the current market for orchestration platforms from analyst and carrier perspectives in order to gauge market plans.
3. Employees attempting to bolster their telecom virtualization knowledge base, with a focus on orchestration platforms.

Dan Meyer – Editor-in-Chief, RCR Wireless News
Alistair Scott – Director in CTO Office for Assurance and Analytics, JDSU
Berge Ayvazian – Senior Analyst and Consultant, Wireless 20/20
Michael Haugh, Sr. Manager Market Development, Ixia

Analyst Angle Webinar: LTE Unlicensed and Wi-Fi: Moving Beyond Coexistence

Assessment of LAA-LTE market prospects, role of LAA-LTE in mobile networks, coexistence/competition with Wi-Fi, impact on small cells, traffic management across licensed/unlicensed channels (data and control plane; coordination of macro- and small-cell traffic), and backhaul implications.

What you will learn: This webinar will assess the prospects of LAA-LTE in terms of technology, standardization and business model, as well as the benefits LAA-LTE will bring to subscribers, operators and vendors. Equally important, it will provide an extensive overview of the differing perspectives of the LTE and Wi-Fi ecosystem players, and of the mobile operator, on a topic that is generating heated debates in the industry.

Who should attend: Mobile operators, LTE and Wi-Fi ecosystem vendors, Wi-Fi service providers, analysts, press

Galtronics Webinar: Why Antenna Selection is Critical to Wireless Deployments

Now more than ever, RF propagation in highly densified environments requires an approach that is both creative and scientific. The antenna at the edge can determine the success, or failure, of the overall system. What are the pitfalls? What are the choices? How do I mix and match these choices to solve for specific requirements?

Join David Wittwer PH.d, Principal Engineer at Galtronics and Ray Preston Hild, Vice President of North America Infrastructure as they weigh in on these topics:

 • MIMO vs SISO – Considerations for a variety of deployments. How do you best leverage polarization and/or spatial separation in in-building environments?

• Antenna Performance versus Size – Choosing the right balance and understanding gain vs. propagation.

• Why are narrow beam antennas for stadiums and high data capacity venues like the Big Game so important? How do you select the best options for your specific environment?

• How do I know what to choose for small cells? Is an embedded or an external solution right for me?

• What are the considerations and pitfalls when enabling peak performance for outdoor distributed networks?


• David Wittwer PH.d, Principal Engineer, Galtronics

• Ray Preston Hild, Vice President of North America Infrastructure, Galtronics

Rohde & Schwarz Webinar: An Introduction to Tools and Techniques for Mobile Network Testing

Efficient testing and troubleshooting of mobile networks requires a wide variety of tools and techniques. These include instruments such as spectrum and network analyzers, drive test and coverage mapping systems, portable monitoring receivers, and a variety of accessories such as antennas, filters, preamplifers, etc.

This webinar provides a practical introduction into the tools and techniques most commonly used in modern mobile network testing. Topics to be covered include cable and antenna testing, RF measurements, signal demodulation, voice and data performance testing, spectrum clearing and interference hunting, as well as general troubleshooting methodologies across these different areas. Real-world examples will be used to show how to determine the most appropriate tool and methodology for dealing with the most commonly encountered issues, with an emphasis on practical techniques that can be used as part of a holistic approach to network test and troubleshooting.

Presenter: Paul Denisowski, Applications Engineer, Rohde & Schwarz


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