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September, 2014
Editorial Webinar: Telecom Analytics: Actionable Intelligence – Technology and Applications

RCR Wireless News explores recent developments and advances in the collection and analysis of data across the telecom operator’s broad horizontal view: from business systems, the network, and devices. Distilling data from those sources into actionable intelligence remains a challenge, with automation an area of particular interest. This webinar will cover current trends in big data analytics for telecom, as well as recent acquisitions of note.

What you will learn:
How operators are collecting, managing and applying big data across their networks for both internal and external use; what technologies are enabling practical applications of big data; and the latest developments that are shaping available offerings in the market.

Who should attend:
Telecom and enterprise IT professionals at all organizational levels who desire a better understanding of the latest developments in big data and analytics for mobile operators; those tasked with network operations and maintaining quality of service, and maintaining and accessing corporate databases.

Sonus Webinar: Essential Diameter Capabilities – The key to scaling LTE networks and delivering next-generation services

Explosive mobile traffic growth, largely driven by the proliferation of LTE mobile devices, new broadband technologies and Internet video content, have caused a tremendous increase in network messaging volume that can overwhelm critical LTE network elements  and degrade services for a large number of subscribers.

There are ways that mobile service providers can approach the diameter signaling issue. Until now, one approach has been to increase the processing performance of network elements such as MME, and PCRF. Unfortunately, this strategy is expensive and provides only a short-term solution. Not all service providers have the financial strength to simply throw money at the problem, nor does that guarantee a sustainable solution. A better solution can be found with the deployment of Diameter Signaling Controllers (DSC). The DSC can be an indispensable component of the LTE network by providing network and services protection, improved performance, and traffic management.

Join us on this webinar to gain critical insight and understanding of the essential DSC capabilities and how DSCs are moving beyond the basics to deliver:

  • Advanced security
  • Virtualization
  • Interworking with legacy signaling systems
  • SBC Integration for VoLTE
October, 2014
GE Webinar: A Powerful Toolbox of DAS and Small Cell Power Solutions

Small Cells, ranging from Femtocells in domestic applications, through Pico, Metro and Micro Cells in enterprise, and urban applications are revolutionizing the coverage, capacity and availability of wireless data services.  The apparently insatiable demand for more and faster data is driving increasingly rapid deployment of these small cells in diverse locations.  If Quality of Service (QoS) is to be maintained, each of these cells must be provided with high quality uninterruptible power.

This webinar will outline a diverse toolbox of power solutions currently available for these and other applications, including local ac and dc UPSs and some innovative remote powering options that provide significant installation cost savings.

Presenter:  Paul Smith, Technical Marketing Manager, GE Critical Power


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