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  • June 2, 2015
    CellTrust Webinar: The Journey Through Maturing a Mobile Strategy

    Best practices to deploy secure, archivable business apps

    Now that mobile devices are universal business tools, companies are on a journey to move beyond basic MDM and email to containerized business apps that truly drive productivity and revenue. But will security concerns get in the way of the journey?
    • Does your organization offer employees secure, archivable, compliant user-based productivity apps?
    • Do you have solutions that help drive your corporate mobile app strategy, while meeting business and compliance needs?
    • Are you giving employees secure mobile email, calendars, voice and SMS messaging?
    In this webinar, learn best practices to deploy secure, archivable business apps that can mobilize existing processes.
  • June 3, 2015
    Spirent Webinar: Assuring the Successful Launch of VoWiFi Devices and Services

    Service providers and customers alike have been dreaming of the possibilities of converged fixed and mobile communications for years. As more and more service providers and device manufacturers line up behind Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) and Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology, the dream is finally becoming a reality. While VoLTE deployments are well underway worldwide, VoWiFi deployments are just get starting and not all deployments will include seamless VoWiFi-VoLTE handoff. Over the past year, Spirent has worked closely with the trailblazers rolling out the first generation of VoWiFi services and has seen first hand the promise of this new technology as well as some of the initial weaknesses.

    We invite you to join us for a webinar during which Spirent’s experts will share our lessons learned from these early VoWiFi deployments including how to evaluate VoWiFi user experience and determine whether new VoWiFi devices and services are ready to launch. The webinar will include an overview of VoWiFi technology, recommendations for assuring the successful launch of high-quality VoWiFi devices and services and real world measurements of VoWiFi experience.

    Who should attend:
    -Members of Marketing, Device Quality, Service and Network Quality, First Field Application and Network Optimization teams from Mobile Operators, MSOs, Hotspot Providers and other Service Providers.
    -Members of Quality Assurance, Field Testing, Marketing and R&D in Device Manufacturers and Chipset Providers.

    Rich McNally, Director, Service Experience Programs, Spirent Communications
    Alan Way, Senior Manager, Methodology and Platforms, Spirent Communications
    Rupert Lloyd, Manager, Product Management, Spirent Communications

  • June 17, 2015
    Anritsu Webinar: Furiously Fast Power Measurements

    In this webinar, participants will get a review of power measurement basics and learn how new measurement technologies can help them increase throughput, reduce cost, and improve reliability.

    Who should attend:
    R&D engineers, manufacturing line engineers/managers, test engineers

    What you will learn:
    • Basics of power measurement
    • Critical factors in choosing the right power measurement solutions
    • Advantages of USB power sensors
    • Importance of measurement speeds in the lab and on the manufacturing line

    Russ Lindsay, Product Marketing Engineer, Anritsu

  • June 16, 2015
    JDSU Webinar – VoLTE: Don’t Risk Short-Circuiting Voice

    With over 260 live LTE networks today and another 87 expected to go live this year (GSM Association, 2014), LTE will soon become the dominant technology in many countries. As operators focus on building networks that can handle rich content, where does that leave consumers who simply want to use their devices to talk? VoLTE has been touted as the operators’ technology of choice to enable faster connections, HD voice, and to integrate with RCS to maintain customer engagement and revenue.

    However, only 40 operators—11% of live networks at the end of 2014—have either currently committed to or are trialing or deploying VoLTE. So what’s holding operators back? VoLTE is not without its challenges: the RAN, IMS, QoS, policy control, and signaling management are just a few.

    Join JDSU for this webinar to gain new insight on:

    • VoLTE technology and service
    • Practical solutions to ensure VoLTE meets customer needs

    Register for this webinar to learn why more than 70 LTE providers worldwide trust JDSU to effectively manage their network and to ensure their customers’ QoE. Afterward, receive a whitepaper written by JDSU experts that outlines cutting-edge techniques to help you deploy tomorrow’s networks today.

    We hope you can join us on June 16. An archive of this presentation will be made available shortly after the event.

    Who should attend?
    Mobile service providers, network equipment manufacturers, and contractors who are interested in LTE cell site testing.

    Paul Gowans, Solutions Marketing Manager, JDSU
    Steve Barnes, Product Manager for VoLTE/IMS, JDSU

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