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Apple to re-launch 3GS as $350 pre-paid model?


For those who’ve long dreamed of an iPhone but just can’t afford the steep price, or don’t want to commit to a lengthy, restrictive contract, you may soon be in luck. Word on the silicon street is that a cheaper iPhone may be launching very soon indeed, alongside its higher specced brothers.

Source of saucy wireless rumors BGR is reporting that a “solid source” has told the site Apple will be launching an iPhone which should retail at around $350 without contract. Will this be an entirely new model? BGR says you may be surprised to discover that it’s actually just a re-launched iPhone 3GS.

Of course, the next proper version of the iPhone – be it the 4S or iPhone 5 – should be out by the end of August, but a prepaid 3GS for the unwashed masses could make a lot of sense. As would continuing to sell the iPhone 4 at a lower price, something BGR says may also be on the cards.

This would mean Apple could effectively hit three price points instead of just one very high one.

What do you think, a good move or a cheap stunt? Let us know your views.

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  1. Tonipreston says:

    That’s right!!! And may I propose a thought to you who like dreaming of a perfect world: This “new”, old version will be a complete world phone, being able to swap between CDMA, and GSM, and LTE within the blink of an eye (maybe even faster). It wil be sold by MVNO’s like Tracfone, who have access to both Verizon’s CDMA, and AT&T’s GSM networks, and all that for a flat rate of tracfone’s straight talk unlimited everything plan $45 per month…it will also have the option of getting a white model, free screen repairs for an additional $1 per month, will also host free music downloads, and get a promotional once in a life time $30 starbucks coupon.


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