RCR Wireless News Mobile Broadband:  Innovation & Opportunity
Monday, 14 February 2011, 13:00 – 17:00 | Hall 2 Sala D

Anchored by the RCR Wireless Editorial team, this fast-paced and dynamic conference facilitates discussion on a wide variety of current and compelling issues facing the wireless industry today. Hear from network operators, solution providers, investors and analysts. Join in interactive panel discussions focused on the challenges associated with building and operating wireless networks, monetizing mobile broadband and the economic impact mobile broadband deployments are having on a local, national, and global level. Two ways to attend the RCR Conference: Request a seat at the live event or register to attend online.

Matt Kapko Derek Kerton Lindsay Notwell Ken Rehbehn
Matt Kapko | Derek Kerton | Lindsay Notwell | Ken Rehbehn

Craig Miller Don Troshynski Olivier Beaujard Pardeep Kohli Andrew Green
Craig Miller | Don Troshynski | Olivier Beaujard | Pardeep Kohli | Andrew Green

Chris Pearson Theo Forbath Adrian Scrase Declan Lonergan
Chris Pearson | Theo Forbath | Adrian Scrase | Declan Lonergan

Request your seat at the RCR “Mobile Broadband: Innovation and Opportunity” Conference in Barcelona. Not attending Mobile World Congress?  Register for the RCR Conference live broadcast and interact with industry executives from anywhere in the world – join the digital discussion here.

RCR “Mobile Broadband: Innovation & Opportunity” Conference Agenda
13:00 Opening Remarks
Matt Kapko, Features Editor, RCR Wireless News & Event Chair

13:05 The Future of Mobile Broadband
Declan Lonergan, VP Consumer Research, Yankee Group

A new era of high speed mobile broadband services has begun with commercial launch of LTE networks in Europe, Japan and America. In addition to LTE, innovative advancements in HSPA+ deliver compelling high speed user experiences with minimal changes to networks. The future of mobile broadband will be examined to answer key questions: What other network innovations are coming? How are customers using mobile broadband services? What is the impact of smartphone and tablet proliferation? Can operators cope with the ensuing data tsunami? What opportunities will operators have for differentiation with services and pricing?

13:30 3GPP Mobile Broadband Path to 4G: Release 10 & Beyond
State of 4G in the Americas

Matt Kapko, Editor, RCR Wireless News
Adrian Scrase, Head of Mobile Competence Centre, 3GPP
Chris Pearson, President, 4G Americas

14:00 Carrier Panel: LTE Deployment Challenges & Opportunities
Moderator:  Ken Rehbehn, Principle Analyst, Yankee Group
Lindsay Notwell, Executive Director, Verizon Wireless
Chris Pearson, President, 4G Americas

14:30 Fast Tracking LTE Devices
Matt Kapko, Editor, RCR Wireless News
Craig Miller, VP Marketing & Business Development, SEQUANS Communications
Andrew Green, VP Marketing, Mobile Consumer, Sierra Wireless
Ms. Xu Ruixue, Globe Marketing Director of TDD Product line, ZTE

Where are the LTE devices and why does it take so long for LTE devices to hit the market? Join Matt Kapko as he dives into the details of bringing LTE devices to market.

15:00 Panel: Optimizing the User Experience
Matt Kapko, Features Editor, RCR Wireless News
Pardeep Kohli, President and CEO, Mavenir Systems
Sunil Marolia, VP Product Management, Wireless & Mobility, Smith Micro Software
Olivier Beaujard, Group VP Market Development, Sierra Wireless

RCR Wireless News, along with industry leaders, will explore how mobile operators are enhancing and optimizing the user experience using combination of software, hardware and device solutions. Discussion will include identifying the specific challenges operators face in providing anytime, anywhere mobile broadband service.

15:30 Devices are Subscribing to Your Network – The Internet of Things is Going Mobile
Theo Forbath, Vice President, Innovation and Strategy Group, Aricent/frog design

As many operators begin to experience an increasingly competitive market for increasing the number of mobile phone subscribers on their networks, they need to start developing business and technical strategies to attract the next large subscriber base: the machine-to-machine market. Over the next ten years, industry analyst project that operators must be prepared to support billions of devices on their mobile networks that will be autonomously sending and receiving data, images and video streams. This largely untapped subscriber base of unattended devices and machines may offer operators both the largest untapped revenue and market opportunities for their broadband mobile networks.

16:00 Building a Robust Application Developer Community
Derek Kerton, Principle Analyst, The Kerton Group
Jose Valles, Head of BlueVia, Telefonica

BlueVia is the new global developer programme from Telefonica that helps developers take apps, web services, and ideas to market. Valles’ declared target in his new role is to attract creativity leveraged on Telefónica capacities and through it, enhance customer’s lives and businesses.

16:30 Power of SIP in the Mobile Evolution – Acme Packet
Don Troshynski, Vice President Solutions Architecture, Acme Packet

As we enter the LTE broadband era, mobile service providers are in the early stages of a service delivery evolution encompassing both new services and new ways to deliver them. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) lies at the heart of this transition. SIP, while not new, has not been widely deployed by mobile service providers to date. But now, mobile service providers are tapping into this sound, proven technology that has been transforming wireline networks since the turn of the century. This session will explore the benefits and architectures for using SIP in mobile networks including:

  • Wireless interconnect and core session routing for cost savings
  • VoLTE and RCS solutions for new services and revenue growth
  • Paths to SIP and IMS
  • Key requirements for successful SIP session delivery

17:30 RCR Executive Networking Reception – Invitation Only
Wrap up Day 1 of Mobile World Congress with RCR Wireless for an informal evening of connecting with industry influencers. Request an invitation to attend the RCR Executive Networking Reception hosted onsite following the Mobile World Congress Conference.

Thank you to our gracious sponsors and event partners:

3GPP Acme Packet SEQUANS Communications Yankee Group

Juniper Networks Smith Micro Berkeley Varitronics Systems Mavenir Systems

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