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Upcoming CCA/Mosaik Webinar: M2M & Connected Cars: How can Rural America prepare for a “connected” evolution?

Thursday, 7 August 2014 - 2 pm

Finding “connected” cars on the road today are not common, but GSMA Connected Car Forum reports 20% of global vehicle sales will have “embedded connectivity solutions” and over 50% will be connected by tethering or integrating a  smart phone by the end of 2015. Wireless operators in particular have a lot of work to do, though. They need to optimize their networks for better performing assets, reliable and consistent coverage, bandwidth capacity and latency related to traveling amongst networks.

We’ll take a deep dive into the challenges car manufacturers and wireless operators are facing, explore how a connected life affects the iconic American family road trip and discover GIS solutions that can dramatically improve network expectations and ultimately change the way management and analysts alike make better business decisions.

Chip Strange, VP, Products and Technology, Mosaik Solutions
Bradley Blanken, VP, Industry Development, CCA
James Barker, Partner, Latham & Watkins LLP

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Upcoming Editorial Webinar: Infrastructure Service Company Review

Wednesday, 20 August 2014 - 2 pm

Wireless carriers cannot roll out 4G networks without the contractors and subcontractors who bring next generation networks from vision to reality. Infrastructure service providers work hand-in–hand with mobile network operators, but some of these relationships are shifting as AT&T and Verizon shift their focus from coverage to capacity. Contractors are dealing with changes in customer priorities, increasing pressure to self-perform, consolidation in their own industry and the possibility of carrier consolidation. This webinar will examine the major wireless infrastructure service providers through interviews with key executives as well as industry analysts and carriers.

Sponsored by Galtronics, Verticom,

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Past Webinars

LTE for Competitive and Rural Carriers

Editorial Webinar: Women in Wireless 2014

Wireless infrastructure will generate an estimated 30,000 net new jobs between now and 2017, and related industries will generate an additional 1.2 million jobs in the United States. While construction and tower climbing remain male-dominated industries, many of the industries enabled by wireless technology present tremendous opportunities for women. Even within wireless infrastructure, there are […]

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Rohde Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz Webinar: A Practical Introduction to VoLTE Testing in the Field

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) differs from traditional circuit-switched voice in a variety of ways. This webinar provides field engineers with a practical overview of the most important issues in the testing and troubleshooting of VoLTE networks. Topics covered include: analyzing and troubleshooting call setup and handover/fallback,  measurement of voice quality and the effect of jitter/packet […]

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Test & Measurement: Anite launches

Anite Webinar: Testing of Indoor Coverage in 3G and 4G LTE Networks

How to ensure fluid indoor 3G/4G LTE data consumption? What are the challenges and how to overcome them with professional indoor coverage measurements? This webinar will provide insight into what are the challenges when measuring indoor coverage of wireless networks. The webinar will lay out a path how to measure the coverage in an optimal […]

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2009 PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show Debrief - Mobile and Wireless News US

Editorial Webinar: Diameter Signaling in Mobile Networks

In IP networks, diameter signaling replaces SS7, but diameter does more than its predecessor. This webinar discusses current and emerging use cases for diameter signaling, as well as the potential for virtualization of diameter signaling control. This webinar answers the following questions: – What is diameter signaling? – What is the role of the DSC […]

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Anritsu Webinar: PIM Testing DAS – Which frequency band should I use?

Neutral host Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) operate over a wide frequency range in order to accommodate as many users as possible. The antennas and RF power distribution network are typically designed to pass signals between 698 to 2700 MHz, and sometimes wider. A question that often arises is, “If the DAS is broad band, which […]

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rf and fiber

JDSU Webinar: RF and Fiber: Worlds Collide

Until now, cell site turn-up and maintenance have been relatively straightforward procedures-performed on one macro cell with one technology. Today, much has changed-in addition to macro cells, small cells and DAS are proliferating, both indoor and outdoor, covering 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi. RF and fiber have combined, changing the landscape of cell site architecture. […]

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2009 PCIA Wireless Infrastructure Show Debrief - Mobile and Wireless News US

Editorial Webinar: Wireless Network Decommissioning

As carriers rip-and-replace legacy equipment in favor of new technologies, they are faced with what to do with the old equipment. RCR Wireless News will take a look at the different choices carriers have in what to do with old equipment, including recycling options. This webinar will also takes a look at the financial impact […]

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LTE for Competitive and Rural Carriers

Editorial Webinar: Tower & Antenna Technology Review

RCR Wireless News takes stock of the latest in tower and antenna technologies. We will look at fiber to the antenna (FTTA) and remote radio head (RRH) use, as well as backhaul trends, including millimeter, microwave, LOS/NLOS, fiber and the small cell backhaul dilemma.This webinar will examine the state of tower infrastructure, including overloading and […]

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Rohde & Schwarz Webinar: Understanding Common Sources of Interference in LTE Networks

Understanding Common Sources of Interference in LTE Networks Although many types of interference are common to all radio access technologies, the combination of new frequency allocations and new modulation types have created unique interference challenges for LTE deployments in the United States. This webinar uses real-world examples to discuss the most common sources of interference […]

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Galtronics Webinar: Antenna Evolution – Meeting the Demand for LTE, Small Cell, & DAS Networks

Antenna Evolution – Meeting the Demand for LTE, Small Cell, & DAS Networks Implementations of Small Cell and DAS systems have many challenges; not the least of which is the selection and placement of the antenna elements.  Since these systems deploy antennas close to the users, additional municipal and building owner restrictions may be enforced.  The physical […]

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